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The Wedding Project

The inspiration for this wedding invitation is this pocket wedding invitation.. and I made a few modification because I find it too plain.  I got these "Martha Stewart Wild Flowers Punch All Around" at Micheals.  This set comes with two punch outs:  a corner punch out and a straight punch out.  I used the corner wild flower punch out to achieve the lace look on the corners of the invitation.  I got the invitation, monogram stickers, and inserts printed at Vista print .  The ribbons from Fine Ribbons . Punch out corners before folding the invitation.  Used a lightweight cardstock.  Any thicker the wild flower puncher will not work. Unfolded the invitation measures 13.5" by 9" Folded invitation into 4 sections.  Section 1 is 2.5", then 4", 4" and the pocket is 3" deep. The contents of the invitation is pr

P-U-R-P-L-E cake

This purple cake reminds me of ube.  It's not even Ube flavoured its coffee chiffon cake. The birthday girl is a member of the Perfect Storm Athletics cheer theme whose colours are purple and white. Imagine a 2 layer ube halayan cake.  Perfect for an ube lover. It looks like it but its not a 2 layer Ube Halayan.  I wish!

Air Jordan's

This is a vanilla chiffon cake frosted and filled with vanilla bean buttercream.  I had some of the cake trimmings and it was to die for.  The cake reminds me of mamon in the Philippines. Experts say that you shouldn't use chiffon cakes for cake carving well I did and let me tell you I don't recommend it.  I even let the cake sit overnight uncovered to build a crust around the cake and its still pretty tricky to work with.  I did not have time to redo it again considering its 1 in the morning so I just went with it.  First off I stacked them without the filling just map out all the pieces.  I filled each layer with vanilla bean buttercream and chilled it for 30 minutes.  After the cake has set I covered it with vanilla bean and chilled it for an hour.  I can now apply the fondant on the cake but before I could do that I have to get the frosting on the cake as smooth as possible.  I smoothed out the surface of the cake by using a hot offset metal spatula that is w

Gone Fishing

My old favourite coffee chiffon cake.  One of the cake came out lopsided.  I kept the lopsided cake top and used as part of the lake bank.  I used a marsmallow and icing mixture to add more height to the lake bank resulting in an interesting elevation for the cake.  I made bulrushes by sticking one mini marsmallow into a cocktail toothpick.  I squished the marsmallow until its long a narrow.  I then dipped the shaped marsmallow into cocoa powder.  For the water I spread light blue pipping gel at the lowest part of the cake.  I pipped out green butter cream for the leaves and grass using Wilton tip #352 and #233.

Beach Party Cake and Cupcake

This cake and cupcake are for Keilana's beach themed birthday party.  The island cake is vanilla cake with layers of red, yellow, blue.  The cupcakes are marble and vanilla frosted with cream cheese icing. The setup A rainbow vanilla cake frosted with cream cheese icing.  Leaves are made with fondant.  Palm tree bark is royal icing piped into the plastic pole using Wilton tip 104. Beach ball vanilla rainbow cupcake.  Iced with cream cheese icing.  Scored triangles on the cupcake surface and traced with with cream cheese icing.  Filled each triangle with desired colour using Wilton tip 21 Made the starfish by pressing a marble size fondant into a starfish chocolate mold.   After I lifted the resulting fondant starfish I poked holes using a toothpick. How to make the Palm Tree: Roll out fondant/gumpaste mix on the counter thinly.  Use Wilton large lily cutter to cut out shapes for the palm leaves.  Sandwich 5 inch wire between 2 palm leaves.  Cut