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Air Jordan's

This is a vanilla chiffon cake frosted and filled with vanilla bean buttercream.  I had some of the cake trimmings and it was to die for.  The cake reminds me of mamon in the Philippines.

Experts say that you shouldn't use chiffon cakes for cake carving well I did and let me tell you I don't recommend it.  I even let the cake sit overnight uncovered to build a crust around the cake and its still pretty tricky to work with.  I did not have time to redo it again considering its 1 in the morning so I just went with it.  First off I stacked them without the filling just map out all the pieces.  I filled each layer with vanilla bean buttercream and chilled it for 30 minutes.  After the cake has set I covered it with vanilla bean and chilled it for an hour.  I can now apply the fondant on the cake but before I could do that I have to get the frosting on the cake as smooth as possible.  I smoothed out the surface of the cake by using a hot offset metal spatula that is warmed up by dipping the spatula into boiling hot water.  I roll out the fondant to about 1/8" thick.  With my greased hands I smoothed out the fondant into the shape of the cake, cut of the excess fondant and I chilled it overnight.  Note: Chilling overnight firms up the fondant so that it is easier to add extra details on the cake.

Buttercream base.  Added fondant layer later on.

The next day I added the black, white, and red trims, and shoe laces.  Each detail is build on top of each other.  I would say there is about 1/4" to 1/2" of fondant in there.  I found this cake blog "Tastespotting" she has lots of pictures that helped me create this cake.  I also made patterns out of parchment paper to help me cut the black and red designs on the cake.  My husband Chris made the fondant air jordan logo for me.  This cake took about 16 hours to make (not including chill time).

Very difficult to make since the fondant is so soft
it keeps sticking to the scalpel.  Have to clean up
the edges after Chris finished cutting the image.  Chris
drew  this directly on fondant using sharp scalpel
I attached the image using dissolved gumpaste.


Christine R said…
I had ordered the Air Jordan cake for a surprise 30th bday. The cake was a big hit, it definitely grabbed lots of attention. I ended up using it as a decor so it attracted all of the guests. The cake looked so cool nobody wanted to cut it, but in the end we did and it was very delicious. Carousel did such an amazing job creating a replica of air jordan shoes down to every detail including stitching. Thanks Carousel for doing the cake for us.

Christine & Mozzuz

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