Beach Party Cake and Cupcake

This cake and cupcake are for Keilana's beach themed birthday party.  The island cake is vanilla cake with layers of red, yellow, blue.  The cupcakes are marble and vanilla frosted with cream cheese icing.

The setup

A rainbow vanilla cake frosted with
cream cheese icing.  Leaves are
made with fondant.  Palm tree bark
is royal icing piped into the plastic
pole using Wilton tip 104.

Beach ball vanilla rainbow cupcake.  Iced with
cream cheese icing.  Scored triangles on the
cupcake surface and traced with with
cream cheese icing.  Filled each triangle with
desired colour using Wilton tip 21

Made the starfish by pressing a marble size fondant
into a starfish chocolate mold.   After I lifted the
resulting fondant starfish I poked holes using a toothpick.

How to make the Palm Tree:

Roll out fondant/gumpaste mix on the counter thinly.  Use Wilton large lily cutter to cut out shapes for the palm leaves.  Sandwich 5 inch wire between 2 palm leaves.  Cut out slits along the side of the leaf.  Let dry on curved petal dryer for atleast 2 days.  When all the pieces are dry wrap wire with green floral take.  Do the same to all the palm leaves.  When all are wrapped arranged the palm leaf in the desired shaped and wrapped the individual palm leaf stems using floral tape (shown in the bellow diagram).  Put a dalop of royal icing in the tube opening and insert the palm leaf assembly into the tube (see next diagram)...  Decorate the white tube with brown royal icing using Wilton tip 21.  Have the skinny end up, create petal like arches along the side of the tube.

Assembled palm leaf.
Tube for the palm leaf assembly.  


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