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The Wedding Project

The inspiration for this wedding invitation is this pocket wedding invitation..

I made a few modification because I find it too plain.  I got these "Martha Stewart Wild Flowers Punch All Around" at Micheals.  This set comes with two punch outs:  a corner punch out and a straight punch out.  I used the corner wild flower punch out to achieve the lace look on the corners of the invitation.  I got the invitation, monogram stickers, and inserts printed at Vista print.  The ribbons from Fine Ribbons.

Punch out corners before folding the invitation.  Used a lightweight
cardstock.  Any thicker the wild flower puncher will not work.

Unfolded the invitation measures 13.5" by 9"

Folded invitation into 4 sections.  Section 1 is 2.5", then 4", 4" and the
pocket is 3" deep.

The contents of the invitation is printed on white linen paper (section 2).
It's centered from top to bottom, left to right in section 2.

On the right side is the pocket where we can put inserts like
RSVP info and the "entourage list".

Pocket is 3 inches deep and the sides are glued shut.

For a neat professional looking folds each section
 was scored and folded using a bone folder.

a closer look

pocket is not glued all the way to the top.  It was glued from bottom
 corner up to  the  beginning of the  wild flower punched out image.

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invitation flap 

attaced ribbon using glue stick.

tape is temporary.  Will be using glue gun to permanently
attach the ribbon.

Added the final detail which is the cute little
mongram sticker.

I love it!  Its sooo cute and pretty (sorry John).
Thank you labels, ring pillows and unity candle.

Replace with Ferrero Rafaello... white chocolate
version of Ferero Rocher.

Finished product with hand written message.
Also double up as place cards

John's Mom found this gorgeous ring pillow.

closeup.  The pictures doesn't do any justice.

Unity Candle.   Measurement: 9" tall by 3" wide.  It looks
crooked but its straight.

The Making of Nancy and John's Wedding


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