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Easy Cherry Blossom Cake Recipe

It’s cherry blossom season! If you live in a colder climate like me, blossoms don't come until late spring.  That’s ok we can easily bake cherry blossoms into our cake.   I discovered this cherry blossom cake by chance and I immediately fell in love with it.  I knew I had to convert it into a quick and easy recipe with ingredients we can find at our local grocery store.  By the way this recipe is the “shortcut” version of Buttermilk’s “Cherry Blossom Cake (Inside and Out)”.  Get the original recipe here Cherry Blossom Cake | Buttermilk by Sam   CLICK HERE  to order my homemade, from scratch (no cake mix here), special  CHIFFON CHERRY BLOSSOM CAKE . Ingredients Source: Peace Tea Cheeky Cherry Flavored Tea I bought at Walmart.  If you can’t find it you may use milk or pure black cherry juice.  The cherry juice will add a hint of pink  into your cake.  If you don’t like that use milk instead.  The cherry flavored sprinkles I made from scratch and you can order it here . 
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Polvoron Recipe (Filipino Shortbread)

 Made these easy treats for my kids.  In one condition.  They have to help me shape the cookies.  These shortbread are not your typical shortbread.  The dough is fairly dry with roasted flour, powdered milk, sugar, and butter.  The butter is the key component for shaping the shortbread.  A polvoron mold is used to shape the shortbread ( metal contraptions seen in the image above).  I recently saw Chef Greggy Soriano use modern moon cake presses to make polvoron blossoms.  Moon cake presses are far more decorative than the conventional molds.  They came in different fancy intricate fun designs.  Check it out at  If you haven't had a chance subscribe to my newsletter you will get updates on new recipes, online decorating classes, and $10 off on your cake and cupcake orders.  Click here Happy Baking!!  Until next time.

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Cake

Here are some money saving tips for your wedding cake. Know your budget and stick with it... A simple 6 inch round cake is $50 and up. It all depends on the complexity of the cake design. Themes are a good way to keep focus. For example. Rose cake. Fresh rose buds adorning the cake. Keep it simple. Stick with buttercream icing. Buttercream can be textured to match the theme of your wedding. Fondant adds to the cost of the cake most people think it's too sweet and end up pealing off the fondant. Add fresh flowers to your cake instead of handmade gum paste flowers. Consult with your cake decorator for fresh flower cake ideas that will match your bridal bouquet. It doesn't hurt to ask your florist to include your cake flowers in your bridal flower package. Remember less is more. Add some bling using rhinestone mesh metallic ribbons, rhinestone studded cake toppers. Provide your own cake topper to be added to your cake.  Your cake decorator did not have to go

LOL Dolls

Handmade fondant LOL doll with fondant lollies...

Doraemon for "J"

J be like 😲 for his surprise Doraemon cake.  I love his reaction!!  

Po-Po-Po-Po-Po-Poker Cake

Ahhh my Po Po Po Po PP Poker Cake (sung in the tune of Poker Face by Lady Gaga)..  It's a challenging one.  I was sweating bullets while I hand drew the King and Jack of Hearts.  I was saying to myself "why"  I should have just bought the molds for it.  But hey!  Look at it.  Doesn't it look more special this way.   What I did is:  Took a bit of white fondant and dip it in tylose. Kneaded it a bit to combine the tylose into the the fondant.  ***Tylose will allow the fondant to harden a bit so that you are able to color your images with edible markers.*** Roll out dough into about 1/8" thickness and cut them into two rectangles. Your rectangles should be proportional to the width of the cake.  For oversized cards make them 1/3 of the width (the shorter side) of the rectangle cake Printed an image of the King and Jack.  The images are too large so I ended up etching the images into the fondant with an etching tool.   Etch out the letter "K" on top left co

Pumpkin Pavlova

This month's #homecookbattle ingredient is #pumpkin.  I went with pavlova, meringue based desert and then I filled it with pumpkin mouse.  Recipe is down below.  Happy baking!