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Blue Christening Cake

Light and fluffy ube chiffon cake, with ube filling sandwiched between 2 cake layers, special frosting, and covered with fondant.  The ube filling adds the ube halayan taste to the cake and it won't just taste like purple vanilla cake. God Bless you Rylan.  Your name is awesome!

Ube Cupcake with Grated Coconut

Light and fluffy ube chiffon cake with special buttercream frosting.   Purple yam... Purply goodness

Baby On Clouds

Made this cake for a baby shower.  The cake is Ube with coconut buttercream and filled with ube buttercream. Everything was presented on a colaspseable cake tower.  The cake tower is constructed by hot glueing  a 12" round cake drum on top of a 6" round cake dummy (middle tier).  10" round cake drum on top of 6" round cake dummy for the top tier.   The middle tier is stacked on top of a 14 " cake board, and the top tier is stacked on top of the middle tier.  Lined the surface of each tier with blue card stock paper.  You may also use grease proof paper. 6" round Ube Cake filled with ube buttercream and covered in coconut buttercream. Chocolate Chiffon cupcake with vanilla buttercream Red Velvet Chiffon cupcake 

Cookie Monster Cake Take 2

This is a 4 layer 8 inch by 9 inch.  Each layer is filled with chocolate buttercream and covered in vanilla buttercream.  The cake is chocolate chip chiffon cake.  Made this cake for Parker.  Happy Birthday little man. Happy 2nd Birthday Parker!

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Ube chiffon cake with ube filling.  Made Spongebob with fondant hence everything is edible. I'm ready! I'm ready!

Cafe Latte Cupcake

Coffee cupcake with coffee buttercream drizzled with bittersweet chocolate

Happy Birthday Charisma! - Hello Kitty 3 Dimensional Cake

My brother Patrick and Charisma celebrate their birthday together.  My brother was born October 28 and my daugther Charisma was born on October 29.  My mom throws a party for my brother and Charisma at her house. Charisma's Hello Kitty Rice Crispy cake and My brother's Guitar Ube Halayan Filled Ube Cake. Charisma, my brother Patrick and Bronze TO MAKE HELLO KITTY RICE CRISPY CAKE.... Start off by using one set of 6" ball cake pan and one 6" by 2" round cake pan to create Hello Kitty's head.  Place 6 inch round cake between the pair of ball cake.  Put a skewer through the middle to temporary attach all 3 cakes.  Tilt the cakes to the side (see figure 3).  Cut a little bit of cake to create a flat surface to stabalize the cake ( see fig 4).  Place cake on a prepared cake board with the flat surface down.  Remove the skewer and frost between each layer to connect the cake together.  Cut the the skewer to size so that it is hidden within the cake.

Thanksgiving Desert: Pumpkin Pie Spice Latte

This is coffee chiffon cupcake iced with coffee whipped cream and a little sprinkling of pumpkin pie spice.  I found a coffee chiffon cake recipe at ""  and its easy to follow.  All the ingredients can be found in your local supermarket ie: Walmart, Superstore.  I used Clubhouse Pumpkin Pie Spice, and also Clubhouse Whole Cloves  (click to find out more about cloves) which I got at Superstore.  Orange Gel food colouring can be bought at Micheals, Walmart or at any craft store. Used Wilton tip# 1M to create the swirls on the cupcakes. Sprinkle with a small pinch of pumpkin pie spice and top it off with a whole clove. Cloves up close.  (Pictures from ) PUMPKIN CAKE Made this PUMPKIN CAKE last year for thanksgiving  I made this cake by using a 2 bundt cake pan.  The bottom layer is oriented right side up and the top layer sits upside down on top of the bottom layer. 

Summer Lovin' Cheesecake

This is a no bake cheesecake I entered for "Cheesecake of the Year Contest" at Real Women of Philladelphia web community.  I didn't get first price or any price at all but my picture was chosen to be featured in "Caption This" .   Click on "Summer Lovin' Cheesecake"  for the recipe. I used Jello Pistachio Pudding for the peal, lime Jello for the green rind, and finally strawberry Jello for flesh.  Chocolate chips for seeds.

Christening Cake

This is a strawberry marble 2 tier cake.  Covered and decorated in fondant with gum paste cross. Accented each flower with edible candy pearls. The first tier is 4" tall by 8" in diameter and the top tier is 4" tall by 6" in diameter .  I covered each layer separately with fondant.  I set the top tier by adding a small dollop of royal icing in the middle of the bottom tier.  Gently dropped the top tier on the bottom tier.  I made sure the top layer is centred.  Pipped a bead of buttercream at the seam where the top and bottom layer meets.  Added the pink fondant ribbon on the top layer.  Same goes for the bottom tier,    Prior to decorating the cake make the cross and name blocks ahead of time to allow for them to dry.  Add the special touches.  Enjoy!!!

Winnie the Pooh version 2

This is a hand sculpted Winnie the Pooh bear.  Version 1 seems more rectangular.  I have more practice  and experience carving so this is more contoured instead of cubic like.  In this version I used Wilton tip 21 and he is shirtless.  Its easier to put on his shirt before the head is attached.  Finish piping out buttercream on Pooh's body.  Refrigerate for 30 minutes or until frosting is set.  Cover the area where his shirt is going to be with thin rolled out red fondant.  Refrigerate once again for 30 minutes.  Take out of the fridge and cut out the desired shape for pooh's shirt.  Its easier if create a pattern to use to cut out Pooh's shirt.  Refrigerate until fondant is set.  Take out of fridge and attach the head. I made the head out of cereal treats with a circle carved out at the bottom of the head so to keep the head attached to its body.  BBQ bamboo sticks can also be pushed through the head and to the body for added support.  Pipe buttercream on the head.  Ma

The Wedding Cake Project

2 tier vanilla and coffee cake.  The top is 6" and the bottom is 8".   156 coffee chiffon cupcakes.  Now thats what you call a baking marathon. Gum paste flowers I made weeks before the wedding. There are roses, callalily, and Madagascar jasmine. My kids helped me make the teal mini flowers on the cupcakes. My biggest cake project this summer is my brother in law's wedding cake and cupcake.  It consist of a 2 tier six and eight inches vanilla chiffon cake plus 200 coffee chiffon cupcakes with vanilla frosting.  Everything will be presented on a 4 tier staggered cake tower.  Each layer is covered with white lace and ribbon.  A month ago I decorated the cake tower.  I finished the making 20 gum paste roses yesterday.  Today for 3 hours straight I finished making 32 gum paste callalillies.   Before that my daughter Charisma helped me make and colour mini fondant blossoms to be put on the cupcakes.  This is what Charisma, Bronze and I made so far ( I wish a to

King Pig and Angry Birds Cupcake

My friend Myra and I made this cake together for her son's birthday.  She did the hard part which is baking.  I did the fun part which is decorating (with some help from Myra).  Myra also made matching Angry Birds cupcake to go with the King Pig.  This is how we made Mathew's King Pig cake and Angry Birds cupcake. Myra used Wilton's "4-Tier Stacked Desert Tower " to display the cake and cupcakes.  The cupcakes are decorated with Angry Birds gummies that were purchased at Claires in WEM and with round rainbow sprinkles purchased at Bulk Barn. These are Wilton's 6" round ball cake pan (Bulk Barn for $9.99).   It needed 1 box of cake mix or 1 cake recipe. See cake pan insert for baking instruction.  It is important to brush the cake pans with shortening then dusted with all-purpose flour  for easy removal of the cake. Keep the cake cool in the pan for 10 minutes.  Remove cakefrom the pan and let it cool on the wire  rack for 6 hours.  Wr

3 Dimensional Elmo Cake

I made this Elmo cake for my cousin's daughter, Jayla who turned 3 a few weeks ago for her Sesame Street Themed birthday party.  The cake was a marble chiffon cake crumb coated and filled with chocolate buttercream.  For Elmo's fur I used Wilton's "grass tip" to pipe out red vanilla buttercream.  Elmo's eyes and nose are made with fondant which I secured using toothpicks. Used Wilton Doll Cake Mould for the body. Sports ball cake pan for Elmo's head. Inserted straw for structure support. Filled each layer with chocolate buttercream. Normally I trim the tops of cake to create an even surface here I kept the dome and turned it into Elmo's slightly open mouth.  Make sure the top half of the circle is smaller than the bottom half.   Important note:  Elmo's unique qualities are his big wide upward smile, his football shaped head, and the top half of his head is smaller than the bottom.  Its hard to achieve

Happy Birthday Canada, Elaine, and Ferric

This year's Canada Day we celebrated my brother Ferric and cousin Elaine's birthday.  It was held in Tita Beth's place.  Even if it there was a brief monsoon type of rain in the morning mother nature made nice by giving us perfect sunny weather in the afternoon.  Can you say AWESOME! Cake for my Brother Ferric.  His actual birthday is July 2. Celebrated it on Canada Day hence the Canadiana themed cake. Cousin Elaine's birthday cake.  Her party is 1 month overdue. She has exams and not able to party (Go figure). Bronze. Kids feeding the ducks with grass.   Goofy shot