Christening Cake

This is a strawberry marble 2 tier cake.  Covered and decorated in fondant with gum paste cross.

Accented each flower with edible candy pearls.
The first tier is 4" tall by 8" in diameter and the top tier is 4" tall by 6" in diameter .  I covered each layer separately with fondant.  I set the top tier by adding a small dollop of royal icing in the middle of the bottom tier.  Gently dropped the top tier on the bottom tier.  I made sure the top layer is centred.  Pipped a bead of buttercream at the seam where the top and bottom layer meets.  Added the pink fondant ribbon on the top layer.  Same goes for the bottom tier,    Prior to decorating the cake make the cross and name blocks ahead of time to allow for them to dry.  Add the special touches.  Enjoy!!!


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