3 Dimensional Elmo Cake

I made this Elmo cake for my cousin's daughter, Jayla who turned 3 a few weeks ago for her Sesame Street Themed birthday party.  The cake was a marble chiffon cake crumb coated and filled with chocolate buttercream.  For Elmo's fur I used Wilton's "grass tip" to pipe out red vanilla buttercream.  Elmo's eyes and nose are made with fondant which I secured using toothpicks.

Used Wilton Doll Cake Mould for the body.

Sports ball cake pan for Elmo's head.

Inserted straw for structure support.

Filled each layer with chocolate buttercream.
Normally I trim the tops of cake to create an
even surface here I kept the dome and turned
it into Elmo's slightly open mouth.  Make sure
the top half of the circle is smaller than the bottom

Important note:  Elmo's unique qualities are his big wide
upward smile, his football shaped head, and the top half of
his head is smaller than the bottom.  Its hard to achieve
the football shape so to compensate for it I added the
biggest smile that is from ear to ear.  Cover the whole thing
with chocolate buttercream, and refrigerate.   Apply black
fondant where Elmo's mouth suppose to be.  Pipe out
buttercream red fur after with "grass tip.   Attach eyes and
 nose with cocktail toothpick.

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Anonymous said…
Is there Fondant on top side of mouth? How did you attach?
I put black fondant inside the cavity of Elmo's mouth. I applied a thin layer of buttercream (crumb coat), cover the cavity with a bit of black fondant then, piped the red icing using Wilton's "grass tip".
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
My wilton sports ball mold seems much smaller than yours.

Elmo has a little head compared to the body.

Any thoughts?
The wilton ball mold I used was 6" in diameter. If you want to include body you can use the Wilton doll mould and 6" round cake pan to build up on his torso. I think Elmo has a big head small body (compare his torso to his head)... I hope this helps.
Angela said…
How did you attach the head to the body in order for it to stay with travel

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