The Wedding Cake Project

2 tier vanilla and coffee cake.  The top is 6" and the bottom is 8".   156
coffee chiffon cupcakes.  Now thats what you call a baking marathon.
Gum paste flowers I made weeks before the wedding.
There are roses, callalily, and Madagascar jasmine.
My kids helped me make the teal mini flowers on the cupcakes.

My biggest cake project this summer is my brother in law's wedding cake and cupcake.  It consist of a 2 tier six and eight inches vanilla chiffon cake plus 200 coffee chiffon cupcakes with vanilla frosting.  Everything will be presented on a 4 tier staggered cake tower.  Each layer is covered with white lace and ribbon.  A month ago I decorated the cake tower.  I finished the making 20 gum paste roses yesterday.  Today for 3 hours straight I finished making 32 gum paste callalillies.   Before that my daughter Charisma helped me make and colour mini fondant blossoms to be put on the cupcakes.  This is what Charisma, Bronze and I made so far ( I wish a took a picture of my kids helping me make these blossoms.  I appreciated their help considering it cut down alot of man hours and their little hands are perfect for miniscule sprinkle application)

Minni Fondant Blossoms.  I made these with Bronze
and Charisma.  Charisma made some blossoms.  Bronze
and Charisma applied the white pearl candies at the
centre of the blossoms.  Colour teal is achieved by first
applying Wilton's forrest green colour dust in the centre
of the blossom then sapphire blue pearl dust.    
Note:  colour dust results in matte finish while pearl dust acheives a more pearlesque finish.

Decorated cake tower with lace.   I added the 4th bottom tier.  Bottom tier
is made with masonite wrapped with white paper then covered with lace. 
Used these to raise the bottom tier.

Gum paste roses.  A 100% improvement from my very first gumpaste
roses.  Will be colouring them with white pearl dust.

Just made these today.  Callalilies drying overnight on my flower drying rack.
Callalily.  I will be dusting these with white pearl
dust later on.

"D" DAY!!!

I planned on applying white pearl dust on the flowers but each time I go to Micheals they are always sold out therefore I just left all the flowers white.  It worked out well because the cake setup is not overly formal.  I wish I have taken a picture of the ballroom set up.. Its beautiful.  The table center pieces are simple and the added palm leaves had a tropical feel to it.  I love how the decor is not too matchy matchy.  They chose magenta and dark purple to compliment the dark teal the bridal party is wearing.  Everything worked out well considering everything is planned in five months.  The bride and groom lived in Toronto and we communicate via email as we show them pictures of flower arrangements, invitation design, etc etc... 

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