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Tinkerbell meets ANGRY Bird

Double birthday cake for my daughter Charisma and for my little brother Patrick.  Both cakes are chocolate chiffon cake filled and covered by chocolate buttercream.  The flowers are vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. Happy 5th Birthday Charisma.  Happy 30th Birthday Uncle Patrick! the kiddies Tinkerbell patched up the Angry Bird's boo-boo! Angry bird.... grrrr!!! Tink's house. The making of the tree cake stand. Used Wilton staggered cake stand.  I kept the middle level. Fashioned a branch by wrapping layers of paper around the stand.  I used packaging tape to secure each layer of paper. Applied a layer of  royal icing on the paper branch.  Covered the base with green fondant and the branch with brown fondant.


Team GEE WHIZ thank you for running in the CIBC RUN FOR CURE so that breast cancer research continue to happen. A while ago I asked Ryan if they got their team name from "cheese whiz".  He told me that their team was named after his cousin Gee who lost her battle to breast cancer.  While I was making this cake I was thinking about Gee the whole time.  I made the cake very feminine, added hearts to symbolize the love of her family that misses her, and placed a breast cancer's signature symbol pink ribbon on the side. ENJOY TEAM GEE WHIZ! In Memory of Lola Ester Espino and Gee... My favourite cake coffee chiffon with coffee buttercream. The lettering and hearts are made with chocolate buttercream.

Birthday Bear for Ariel

These cupcakes are for my neice's 3rd birthday.  Teddy bear and letterings are made with fondant.  The cake is red velvet with cream cheese icing.  Happy Belated Birthday Arielle! I added pearl dust to make it all shimmery Special cupcake for the birthday girl Happy 3rd Arielle! more cupcakes... I think she likes pink.. more pink cupcakes..  I was gonna make JB cupcakes but..  I just don't want to go there. I think I'm gonna need more pink food colouring..

Mom's the word

Ube macapuno cake with coconut buttercream.  Decorations are made with fondant. You'll forget your age once you tasted this cake.

FOUR!!! Avid Golfers!

Ube Macapuno Chiffon Cake filled with macapuno and frosted with coconut buttercream.  A great treat after a round of golf! Golf ball made with fondant 8" wide by 4" tall cake

Super Size Chocolate Sundae

Happy Birthday Dad! I made this cake for my Dad's birthday yesterday.  Chocolate Chiffon Cake, covered with milk chocolate butter cream, drizzzled in milk chocolate sauce, sprinkled with toasted almonds, dollop of whipped cream and a giant fondant cherry on top!  mmmmm delicioussssss.. *slurp* That first bite with the chocolate buttercream, almonds and whipped cream is soo heavenly.  I heard angels singing "aaaaaaaaaaa". The cake is sitting on 9" pie plate. 8" wide and 5" tall.

Get well soon. . Here . . . Have A Giant Strawberry.

 “Mom” and “Dad” (my in-laws) asked me to make a get-well-soon cake for their friend recovering from surgery. This strawberry inspired cake is Ube cake filled and frosted with coconut buttercream.  When I make ube cake I usually fill the cake with macapuno. This time to prevent the cake from falling apart I filled the cake with coconut buttercream. The runny macapuno will make this top heavy cake unstable. Unfortunately the cake remains unstable after using buttercream filling and making the bottom wider.  For added stability I framed the bottom of the cake with a small amount of fondant. I shook the cake a couple of times and finally no movement! Yippee! Cake stability is achieved! Let me tell you there is nothing more heartbreaking than a cake you worked so hard on and have it fall apart during transport. I would probably cry and throw a hissy fit in the car. Luckily, (cross my fingers ^_^ x ) none of my cakes has fallen apart yet. Back to the cake. I used Wilton&#

Happy Birthday Ninang Myrna and Josh.

 NINANG MYRNA'S CAKE Happy Birthday Tita Myrna.  May God Bless you on your special day.  My favourite coffee chiffon with coffee buttercream. The flowers were made with fondant and gum paste. JOSH'S LIGHTNING MCQUEEN CAKE KAJIGA, KAPOW marble cake with vanilla buttercream. Happy viewing and please leave a comment..

Apple Pie High

It is late at night. I need that delicious bite. I want to dig in. Yummy apple pie. I think I am gonna die. Your smell makes me cry.    Cinnamon, sugar. Crunchy, flaky perfection. My fave confection. Apple pie purse I used to not care about what kind of apple I used on my apple pie until I saw this food tv show.  I didn't know there is such a big difference between apples.  So I went out and did my research and many apples later I find that granny smith is the best one for baking and for apple pie.  It's tart and firm. You don't want moushy apples coz it will just make the bottom of your pie soggy because of all the juices that is realeased from the apple.  Red delicious apples is a big NO when it comes to apple pie.  They are very juicy and moushy which is perfect for apple sauces.  I usually buy gala apples for eating because they are all so juicy and firm at the same time.  You would think they are good for pies but they are not.  I made gala

The APPLE of My Eye

If you or your friend has a cute dentist or doctor that you don't mind seeing more than once a year finish this apple in one sitting might earn you a visit or two. Kidding aside I was asked to make this cake for a baby's 10 months birthday. The cake is Ube filled with Macapuno (sweetened coconut strings) and its frosted with coconut buttercream.  To make the apple  I used Wilton's Doll Figurine Wonder Mould Cake pan. I used 6 cups of cake batter which is equivalent to 3 layers of 6" round cake. I inverted the cake cut off 1 inch at the top, hollowed out a circle to make the dip at the top of the apple. I rounded the bottom of the cake. I pipped out red frosting using a star tip. Finish it up with fondant stem and leaves... Happy viewing and please leave a comment. "You are the apple of my eye.  4 ever you'll stay in my heart" "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" Woohoo!  Baby loves the cake! (More like baby loves the icing

DDUBlicious - Donnie Wahlberg Cake

I have been a BLOCKHEAD since Junior High and the least I can do for Donnie is to make him a cake in honour of his birthday (August 17).  Its just a little thank you for serenading Blockheads through out the world.  I tweeted the pic and I am hoping I would get a mention or perhaps a follow.  If not I had loads of fun making it and that is good enough for me. Donnie is so busy with his TV series "Blue Blood" and his CherryTree radio show "DDUBS Backrub".  A busy guy like Donnie usually drinks loads of coffee so I made a coffee chiffon cake filled and frosted with coffee buttercream.  The image I did using the trusty old star tip and used vanilla buttercream icing. Donnie is our desert after our spicy eggplant lunch. Me and Donnie Cake.  ^_^ CAKE! ROAR! Donnie Wahlberg of NKOTB aka DDUB To copy the image into cake place parchment on  top of image and trace  image with tinted pipping gel.

Princess Castle

Red velvet cake goodness filled with cream cheese icing and frosted with vanilla buttercream.  I just want to eat it all up.  Tier 2 dummy cake is made by using a 5" round tupperware.  A scratch coat of royal icing is applied so that the buttercream icing has something to adhere to.  Buttercream icing is applied next. The leaves, window, and door is done in royal icing.  The cake topper is Little People Princess and Pony.  Thanks for viewing and please leave a comment. Happy 1st Birthday Kaye!

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh's body is a vanilla butter cake covered and filled with vanilla buttercream.  While his head  is made purely of  rice crispies treats covered with vanilla buttercream.  It is over 1 ft. tall and 1 ft wide.  This is a surprise birthday cake for a Pooh bear fan's sweet 16.  To avoid melting Winnie the Pooh was comfortably placed in a tall cake box as he makes his way home to his owner in Tofeild.  For now Pooh bear is hiding out in a neighbour's freezer anticipating the moment when he meets the birthday girl.  Bye Pooh Bear its been fun and nerve racking making you and I hope your birthday girl and her guests loves you! Happy viewing and please leave a comment. Sad to see you go pooh bear.. "If ever there is a day that we can't be together keep me in your heart, I'll stay there 4ver.." -Winnie the Pooh.

Have a Cupcake Break

Cannot decide between vanilla or chocolate have both.. Marble Cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream and drizzled  with melted chocolate. Have something healthy that is filled with carrots, apples, raisins, and pecan nuts. Carrot cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting.

Disney Princesses

This cake is half vanilla butter cake and half coffee chiffon cake.  6 different colours in total!  I filled the coffee cake with coffee buttercream and the rest is filled with vanilla buttercream.  Its a little frustrating to draw the three princesses because the image is so small and the star tip is too large for minute details like the hands and the face.  I used flesh colored fondant as base then I outlined the characters using a pointy gumpaste tool.  I used edible black markers to draw in the eyes, nose, face and red edible marker to draw in the lips. Happy Birthday Caicey hope you enjoy your birthday party. Please leave a comment and happy viewing. Princess Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White Princess Close up

Sleeping Baby Cake and Cupcakes

This marble cake and cupcake is for a baby's Christening today.  Everything in this cake is edible except for the cake board of course.  The head of the baby is made out of cereal treats covered in fondant.  The blanket is fondant as well.  Its frosted with vanilla buttercream.  The cupcakes are also frosted with vanilla buttercream and the baby and blanket is made with fondant.    Its alot of fun making them and I hope they love it.  Please leave a comment.  Happy Viewing! Congratulations Ella! Shhhhhhh!!!  Baby is sleeping Back View with flowery cap Sweet Dreams you two.  Dream of angels and clouds. Handcrafted fondant babies. Do not disturb

Ella has a little lamb... Its fleece is white as snow.

Happy smiley face -  This is my favourite I changed the nose. Went with this pouty blushing lamb The back of the lamb This is a 6" round marble cake decorated in vanilla buttercream.  I usually cut the dome of the cake but this time I kept it.  Giving me a rounded top for the head of the lamb.  I pipped little rosettes for the lambs fleece.  The final touch is the lambs face.  I changed the lambs facial expression several times and finally I decided on the pouty look. Happy viewing and please leave a comment.