The APPLE of My Eye

If you or your friend has a cute dentist or doctor that you don't mind seeing more than once a year finish this apple in one sitting might earn you a visit or two. Kidding aside I was asked to make this cake for a baby's 10 months birthday.

The cake is Ube filled with Macapuno (sweetened coconut strings) and its frosted with coconut buttercream.  To make the apple  I used Wilton's Doll Figurine Wonder Mould Cake pan. I used 6 cups of cake batter which is equivalent to 3 layers of 6" round cake. I inverted the cake cut off 1 inch at the top, hollowed out a circle to make the dip at the top of the apple. I rounded the bottom of the cake. I pipped out red frosting using a star tip. Finish it up with fondant stem and leaves...

Happy viewing and please leave a comment.

"You are the apple of my eye.  4 ever you'll stay in my heart"

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"

Woohoo!  Baby loves the cake! (More like baby loves the icing)


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