Tinkerbell meets ANGRY Bird

Double birthday cake for my daughter Charisma and for my little brother Patrick.  Both cakes are chocolate chiffon cake filled and covered by chocolate buttercream.  The flowers are vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream.

Happy 5th Birthday Charisma.  Happy 30th Birthday
Uncle Patrick!
the kiddies

Tinkerbell patched up the Angry Bird's boo-boo!

Angry bird.... grrrr!!!

Tink's house.

The making of the tree cake stand.
Used Wilton staggered cake stand.  I kept the middle level.

Fashioned a branch by wrapping layers of paper
around the stand.  I used packaging tape to
secure each layer of paper. Applied a layer of
 royal icing on the paper branch.  Covered the
base with green fondant and the branch with
brown fondant.


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