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3D Battle Cats Cake

What are battle cats?  They are cute little cats that battle it out with each other.  You can create your own army and have loads of battle fun.  They come in different shapes and sizes but this one in particular is the cutest. Battle Cat Cake Transformation.... Started off with a ball cake.  I used Wilton 3D ball cakepan .  Placed the round cake on top of a rice crispy square base. I covered the rice crispies with buttercream to smooth out the bumps and cracks and then covered it with white fondant. I attached all the bike parts on the white rice crispy base.  I made the tires first before attaching it to the made cake. Add the white centre and draw on the spokes.  Looking back I made a mistake... I should have shaved off the rice crispies here. It should have looked like this Place the whole cake on a white cake board to match the white rice crispy base

Tofu and Bokchoy Stir fry

Retro Tattoo Heart

I wanted to make a heart shaped cake for Uncle Andy and Uncle Paul's 14th Anniversary.  I was inspired by the retro heart tattoo complete with roses and leaves. I crumb coated the cake and spread peach colored buttercream. I outlined the perimeter of the cake with red buttercream and fill in more red on top of the cake.  Carefully smooth out the red buttercream on top gpf                                        

TNT Minecraft Cake

Honestly, I had a hard time making this cake perfectly square.  I trimmed the cake as striaght as I can and yet one of the corner is still wonky.  Next time I make a square cake I will have to use a square ruler or a square layout ruler to check for "squareness"  .  I ended up hiding the corner by making it the "back" of the cake.   It all worked out in the end. The dimension of the cake is approximately 6 inches wide by 6 inches long by 5 inches tall.  I used about 38 ounces of red fondant and rolled it out until fondant is 18 inches in diameter. I watched many videos about covering a square cake and they all said to cover the square cake as if it were a round cake.  Almost all the video mentioned that after draping the fondant the over the cake that the fondant has to be pulled away from the cake as if it was a skirt.  The top of the cake has to be smoothed out and inch by inch tap the fondant into the side of the cake.  This part used to stress me out be

Chocolate Mint Mug Cake

I wanted to do quick videos on quick cakes that I can make on a whim.  I found this recipe for a mug cake.  This recipe is very generous for one person.  It is also supricingly very moist.  I bet you this is perfect steamed in a steamer as well.  Well that is another project for another day.  This is the link to the original recipe  ... In the original recipe it calls for 4 tablespoons of castor sugar.  I used 3 tablespoons white sugar instead of 4 tablespoon castor sugar. I also added a drop of peppermint essential oil.  This is so easy and quick you can even bake this during coffee breaks.  All you need to do is premeasure all the dry ingreadients and place everything in a ziploc bag.  The wet ingredients (with the excption of can all be placed in mason jar Diy Self rising flour - Add 1 1/2 teaspoon and 1/2 teaspoon to 1 cup of all purpose flour. Ingredients: 4 tablespoons self rising flour 3 tablespoons white sug

Skye and Everest Paw Patrol Cake

covered in buttercream.  All the decorations are handmade fondant figurines.

Rocky Paw Patrol Cake

Paw Patrol to the Rescue!!  This is Rocky in his element ready to save the day.  The Rocky figurine and Paw Patrol Logo is made out of fondant.  I covered this cake with vanilla buttercream.  The black paw prints are done in black buttercream.   First I printed recycling logo image.  Cut it out.  Place cut out on apple green fondant.  Use scalpel to cut out image.  Cut out 3 arrows.  Place cut out images on a light apple green fondant.  Cut images using scalpel Paw Patrol Logo.  Printed 2 paw patrol clip art logo.  First cut out the shape of the sheild. Take the second image and with the scissors cut out the word "PAW".  Then cut out the bone containing the word "PATROL".  Place sheild cutout on red fondant.  Using a scalpel cut around the red sheild with 1 cm edges.   Brush a bit of water on the dark blue fondant.   Place the red sheild on rolled out dark blue fondant.  We will now cutout the word PAW.  Place P ,A ,and W on blue fondat.  Cut ou

DIY Disney Ufufy Mickey Mouse Cake

Here is the video of my Ufufy Mickey Mouse Cake I made this cute Ufufy Mickey for my nephew's 1st birthday.  Ufufy are the latest scented plush from Disney Japan.  They are round and fluffy and ultra cute! The things you will need are: 700 g Brown fondant 114 g yellow fondant 50 g white fondant 350 g coral fondant (tint white fondant with a drop of bright red gel food colouring) 70 g skin colour fondant (tint white fondant by very little amount of brown gel food colouring, tip: dip a toothpick into brown gel food colouring and poke and slather toothpick in white fondant) 60 g black fondant large cocktail toothpicks clean paint brush clear ruler water in spray bottle off set spatula pipping gel tylose powder cornstarch for dusting mini rolling pin balling tool clean wood clay modeling tool with angled flat end sharp knife scalpel exacto knife pizza cutter 6" round cake pan for shaping mickey's face 2x 6" round cakes 1x 6"

Roblox 2 tier cake

Handmade roblox characters. The top character is the birthday boy's costom character.  Complete with battle axe.

Happy Birthday Valerie!!

Snowflake themed cake

My first cake of 2018!!!  Happy New Year Everyone! Covered in navy vanilla buttercream dotted with white buttercream. To create the look of randomness create dots in groups o 4 or 5. The cake topper is a regular number candle bedazzled with rhinestone stickers.  First I brushed the sides of candle with modge podge.  do not apply glue on top and bottom of candle.  Attach strips of paper on the candle.  This will create a base for rhinestones to stick.  Once glue is dry stick on rhinestone stickers.

Hello Kitty for Stephanie