Rocky Paw Patrol Cake

Paw Patrol to the Rescue!!  This is Rocky in his element ready to save the day.  The Rocky figurine and Paw Patrol Logo is made out of fondant.  I covered this cake with vanilla buttercream.  The black paw prints are done in black buttercream.  

First I printed recycling logo image.  Cut it out.  Place cut out on apple green fondant. 
Use scalpel to cut out image.  Cut out 3 arrows.  Place cut out images on a light apple
green fondant.  Cut images using scalpel

Paw Patrol Logo.  Printed 2 paw patrol clip art logo.  First cut out the shape of the sheild.
Take the second image and with the scissors cut out the word "PAW".  Then cut out the
bone containing the word "PATROL".  Place sheild cutout on red fondant.  Using a scalpel
cut around the red sheild with 1 cm edges.   Brush a bit of water on the dark blue fondant.
  Place the red sheild on rolled out dark blue fondant.  We will now cutout the word PAW.  Place P ,A
,and W on blue fondat.  Cut out the letters.  Place each letters on


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