3D Battle Cats Cake

What are battle cats?  They are cute little cats that battle it out with each other.  You can create your own army and have loads of battle fun.  They come in different shapes and sizes but this one in particular is the cutest.

Battle Cat Cake Transformation....

Started off with a ball cake.  I used Wilton 3D ball cakepan

Placed the round cake on top of a rice crispy square base.
I covered the rice crispies with buttercream to smooth out
the bumps and cracks and then covered it with white fondant.

I attached all the bike parts on the white rice crispy base. 

I made the tires first before attaching it to the made cake.
Add the white centre and draw on the spokes. 

Looking back I made a mistake...
I should have shaved off the rice crispies here.

It should have looked like this

Place the whole cake on a white cake board
to match the white rice crispy base


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