TNT Minecraft Cake

Honestly, I had a hard time making this cake perfectly square.  I trimmed the cake as striaght as I can and yet one of the corner is still wonky.  Next time I make a square cake I will have to use a square ruler or a square layout ruler to check for "squareness" .  I ended up hiding the corner by making it the "back" of the cake.   It all worked out in the end.

The dimension of the cake is approximately 6 inches wide by 6 inches long by 5 inches tall.  I used about 38 ounces of red fondant and rolled it out until fondant is 18 inches in diameter.

I watched many videos about covering a square cake and they all said to cover the square cake as if it were a round cake.  Almost all the video mentioned that after draping the fondant the over the cake that the fondant has to be pulled away from the cake as if it was a skirt.  The top of the cake has to be smoothed out and inch by inch tap the fondant into the side of the cake.  This part used to stress me out because I did not want any wrinkle on the side of my cake.  I got better at it eventually.

Once the whole cake is covered with our red fondant base I scored the top of the cake with a metal spatula.  I halved that cake first, then quartered.  I ended up with 16 square sections on the top of the cake and  sixteen sections at the side of the cake.

Crumb coat.  Spreading a thin layer of
buttercream which seals in the crumbs of
cake.  This step also smooth out cracks and
other imperpection.
Spread a second layer of buttercream.  Smoothed it out as well as you can.
Creating the black Minecraft letters

Adding the letter's to the TNT cake

covered the whole cake with fondant

TNT fuse!!!

Added many red, white, and grey tiles.  


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