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Easy Soccer Ball cake

This soccer ball cake is easy to make.  To create the soccer ball shape I used a approximately 8" Stainless steel bowl, and an 8" round cake pan. You may use glass bowl but you have to reduce cooking time.    This is how I assembled my soccer cake. The naked cake... As you can see there are 3 layers to this cake.  The bottom layer is 8" round cake.  The top layers are just one bowl shaped cake that I split into two sections.   I stack the layers first to see how they fit together.  I noticed that the middle layer overhangs a bit on the 8" round cake.  I trimmed off the excess cake using a sharp carving knife.   Each layer is filled with chocolate buttercream. Chocolate crumb coat...  This part can be omitted since we are applying the buttercream with an icing tip.  I crumb coated chocolate for added flavor because having just the white vanilla icing is too boring.   Do not worr

Frozen Themed Cake

The weather was a shock to the system that week.  One minute it was a perfect fall day plus 10 weather then the following day it was winter.  It sounded like a scene from the Frozen movie except summer became winter. Beautiful fall day I hope it last... Added sugar art to represent Elsa's castle.   I used homemade lollipop recipe to make Elsa's castle. To make this  homemade lollipop you will need sugar, water, cream of tartar, and flavoring.  Snappy has an awesome homemade lollipop here .   Once the sugar mixture is at 290 degrees F pour it into a cookie sheet.  Let the sugar mixture set for 30 minutes.  Use a butter knife. Break it into long pointy shards. Make slits on top of the cake, and insert the sugar shards. Elsa and Ana Fondant figurines. Olaf fondant figurine Hand painted Ana's dress pattern using light green gel food colouring.  Added matte white  gel food colo

Peppermint Challenge - Peppermint Essential Oil Vs. Peppermint Extract

Today I experimented with peppermint essential oil and peppermint extract.  I want to know which one of the two type flavourings results in a more flavourful, scrumptious peppermint brownie.   In the video my friend Stephanie and I split a regular brownie recipe in half.  We flavoured one half with peppermint essential oil and the other with peppermint extract.  In order to have an unbiased opinion we conducted a blind taste test in which our test subject (our kiddos) were given 2 types of brownies.  They have no idea the type of peppermint flavouring added to the brownies.  We asked them to have a sip of water in between brownies.  After the taste test we asked them which brownies they like better and why. If you are curious about the recipe here it is.  The resulting recipe yields one 8" by 8" brownies.   Peppermint Brownies 1 cup Chipits semi sweet chocolate chips 1/2 cups butter 1 cup sugar 1/2  cups plus 1/8 cups flour 1 tsp baking powder 2 egg

Sofia the First Cupcake

I was inspired by doll cakes that is so popular right now.  I thought it would nice to make miniature versions of them in the form of cupcakes.  The little Sofia dolls are made with fondant.  Her eyes are hand painted using black gel food colouring. The white dot details on her dress are painted on with toothpicks using white gel food colouring.   Sofia's tiara are just 3 silver sugar pearls that I attached using clear pipping gel. Decorated my cupcakes with a classic swirl pattern and sprinkled it with white sprinkles or white sugar peals. Used BBQ skewers to hold the head and torso together for added support and anchors figurines in the cupcake.  Make sure stick goes all the way down to the bottom of the cupcake.  Dried the whole set up overnight for easy hair installation. The Sofias are ready for their make up. Using pink pearl dust on Sofia's cheeks to add a bit of colour on her cheeks. I also brushed a bit of pink pearl dust on her hair, a

Pink Minnie Mouse Cake

Rhyanne at her Birthday Party.

LEGO brick cake

Red LEGO brick covered in red buttercream.  Used two 9" square cake pans.   Four nodes are made with cake cut out into 3" circles using 3" cookie cutter.  They are then set on 3" cardboard circles.  Ice all 4 circles. Prepare the square cake and smooth on red butter cream.  Once this is done place the mini round cakes on top of the square cake.


"Everything is awesome" at Josy's scooter birthday party at Kiwanis Safety City.  On June 12 the kids, Chris and I went to Josy's birthday party she turned 7.  So very happy to make this cupcake cake for her.   Josy as LEGO girl... Made with 30 cupcakes. Traffic Safety Time!!! Getting ready to ride.. Scooter Time... Like a boss Yaba daba doo!!! Let's eat!!! Josy and friends

My Bigbang MADE KPOP 40th birthday cake

I don't normally bake my own cake but since I am hitting the big 4-0 milestone I just went ahead and did it.  It was suppose to be a reenactment of the black low riders scene in Bigbang's video Bang Bang Bang well as you can see it never materialized.  I didn't have time to make the black low rider (booOO) so this is my shortcut version.  Maybe next year... Never too old to be a FANGIRL!!! #vipforever My inspiration... Bigbang's "Bang Bang Bang"

Thomas and Percy at Thidmouth Shed

This is Caleb Chase's Thomas and Percy.  The whole things is covered in sky blue buttercream.  Decorated the side of the cake to create a 3D effect. I find it challenging to create Thomas and Percy's face.  It took me a couple of tries to get the face that I wanted.  Even at this point their faces needed a little more tweeking.   Tidmouth's Shed

Robin and Mel's Wedding

 My cousin Robin's wedding July 2015.  It's a supper late post.  They are nearing their one year anniversay. Robbin and Mel Congratulations Handmade figurines by me.  Closest I can make it from their invite Adorned with fresh roses.

Swan Wedding Cake

This delectable chocolate cake is for my 2016 May couple Liana and Jay.  It is covered with vanilla buttercream with a rich chocolate filling.  The fondant covered second tier is embossed with diamond patchwork cutter.  Silver edible beads are placed on the apex of the diamond patterns.  Dainty buttercream scrolls are piped at the front and sides of the remaining tiers.  They are also enhanced with silver edible beads for added sparkle.  Finally turquoise satin ribbons, silver metallic ribbons, and turquoise bows with crystal broaches adorned the bottom of each tier. Credits to Jay and Liana's photographer...  I added more silver edible beads to hide the wires at the bottom of the swans. I love it when couples feed each other.  It's very romantic! Cutting of the cake ceremony. Congratulations to the blissful couple Jay and Liana. Handmade wired gum paste swan figurines.  Found this awesome tutorial here  to make these lovely wired gum paste swans.