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Easy Soccer Ball cake

This soccer ball cake is easy to make.  To create the soccer ball shape I used a approximately 8" Stainless steel bowl, and an 8" round cake pan.
You may use glass bowl but you have to reduce cooking time. 

This is how I assembled my soccer cake.
The naked cake... As you can see there are 3 layers to this cake.  The bottom layer is 8" round cake.  The top layers are just one bowl shaped cake that I split into two sections.   I stack the layers first to see how they fit together.  I noticed that the middle layer overhangs a bit on the 8" round cake.  I trimmed off the excess cake using a sharp carving knife.   Each layer is filled with chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate crumb coat... 

This part can be omitted since we are applying the buttercream with an icing tip.  I crumb coated chocolate for added flavor because having just the white vanilla icing is too boring.  

Do not worry about your icing job being not so smooth all of the choco icing will be covered by the white and black icing..

Marking up equilateral pentagons and hexagons on cake...

Trace pentagon from real soccer ball.  Cut out the pentagon and trace it on to parchment paper. 
Locate the top, center of cake.  Place parchment paper pentagon on the centre point of cake.  Trace out pentagon onto the cake.
 Trace out a hexagon that has the same width as the pentagon.  Match up corner and sides of both shapes (as shown).

Continue matching all the corners and sides until you have marked up the whole cake.  Don't fret if  shapes does
not match up perfectly.  Your eyes tend to generally focus on the top of the cake so as long as the top of the cake
matches up it should work out just fine.

Outline the markings you made with black buttercream using Wilton tip #5

Pipe out black buttercream on all the pentagon.  Wilton tip#21

One down more to go

Done all the pentagons

An all butter buttercream has a yellow tint to it.  Add white gel food colouring to make it whiter.

Pipping out the white buttercream

After the whole cake is covered I rolled white fondant and cut into long 2" thick strips and pipe out a birthday greeting.  

I would love to hear from you.  If you like this post, have questions, and suggestion please leave a comment down bellow.  You don't have to sign in to google just comment as guest.  Don't forget to subscribe to this blog.  Thank you!!!  Have a Happy New Year!


Kulfah said…
Your cake looks awesome.I'm planning on baking this.
Did you bake the dome cake in stainless steel in oven?
Which brand white and black gel food color did you use?
What if I don't frost it or crumb coat it and just begin with outline with tip 5 and then tip 21?

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