Swan Wedding Cake

This delectable chocolate cake is for my 2016 May couple Liana and Jay.  It is covered with vanilla buttercream with a rich chocolate filling.  The fondant covered second tier is embossed with diamond patchwork cutter.  Silver edible beads are placed on the apex of the diamond patterns.  Dainty buttercream scrolls are piped at the front and sides of the remaining tiers.  They are also enhanced with silver edible beads for added sparkle.  Finally turquoise satin ribbons, silver metallic ribbons, and turquoise bows with crystal broaches adorned the bottom of each tier.
Credits to Jay and Liana's photographer...  I added more silver edible beads to hide
the wires at the bottom of the swans.

I love it when couples feed each other.  It's very romantic!

Cutting of the cake ceremony.

Congratulations to the blissful couple Jay and Liana.

Handmade wired gum paste swan figurines.
 Found this awesome tutorial here to make
these lovely wired gum paste swans.

Simple Cake Stand DIY (found here)


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