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Vasectomy Cake

My friend asked me if I can make this cake.  I replied, "yah sure.  I made cupcake version before."  She went on and told me that its for a "Vasectomy Party".  I told her it was my first time hearing of a v party.  HAHAHAH.  We went on talking about the flavour of the cake.  I suggested red velvet.  She said,"Yes!  So it would look bloody!  Needless to say I had fun making this cake so here is how I made it.

I used "Joy of Baking" red velvet cake recipe found on their huge website called "Joy of Baking".  You will need 2 batches of red velvet cake.  One batch should fit in a 9" by 13" rectangular cake pan. Cool the cake for 3 hours in room temperature, wrap it plastic wrap and freeze for 24 hours.  The next day trim the dome off each layer and stack the cakes on top of each other.  The bottom cake layer should be right side up and the top cake layer should be upside down.  At this point we are just carving the cake so to keep it …

Tuxedo Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcake with chocolate ganache centre frosted with cream cheese icing and topped with whipped cream.

Winter Wedding with a hint of Christmas.

Dino Cake

Hazelnut filled vanilla cake covered in light chocolate whipped cream.   I got inspired by Fred Flintone's pet snorkasuarus, "Dino".  He is normally purple but I made him blue this time.

Wonder Woman and Astro Boy Wedding cake - Patrick and Kelly's Wedding Cake

Puppy Cat - Charisma Turns 8!

For Charisma's birthday she asked me to make a "Puppy Cat".  He is a half puppy and and half cat.  Puppy Cat can be seen in Cartoon Hangover's  "Bee and Puppycat".  

4 Cats Art Studio Birthday with her friends.  Recreating Van Go's "Sunflower".

Minion of Steel

A Superman inspired Minion cake.  Coconut cake with coconut buttercream.  6" round 5 layer cake.  Its about 12" tall.  Everything is 100% edible including his goggles.

"Up" Inspired Cake

Painter Cake

Made this for my neighbour's dad.  They wanted it to be reflect his job as a painter and General brand of paints.

My Little Pony

Go Diego Go backpack

Olaf Rice Crispy Sculpture

Build a snowman in the summer with rice crispy treats and buttercream.   I can't say I miss the snow because I am perfectly happy with this warm weather.  Just in case, here is one way to make a snowman in the summer.  But before that here are some pics from my niece's Frozen themed birthday party.

Here is how I made Olaf....

You will need:

3 preparations of rice crispy treats (found in any Rice Crispy cereal box)
about 150 g brown fondant
60 g orange fondant
250 g black fondant
250 g white fondant for eyes, teeth, and cheeks
1 preparation of shortening base buttercream
3 large bamboo BBQ sticks
1 foot bendable florist wire
gardening sheers

Make Olaf's head first since this will determine the size and the proportionality of the whole sculpture.  The recipe found in the Rice Crispy cereal box is perfect amount to make Olaf's head.  Use the microwave method to make a chewy and more malleable rice crispy treats.  Let the treats sit for a maximum of 8 minutes…