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Olaf Rice Crispy Sculpture

Build a snowman in the summer with rice crispy treats and buttercream.   I can't say I miss the snow because I am perfectly happy with this warm weather.  Just in case, here is one way to make a snowman in the summer.  But before that here are some pics from my niece's Frozen themed birthday party.
Since its hot out why not have a Frozen theme in the summer.
No worries Olaf will not melt.
He is made with rice crispy treats and sugary buttercream.

Olaf with the kiddies

The birthday girl and Olaf
Thanks for inviting us.  It's nice to cool off for a bit.  

Here is how I made Olaf....

You will need:

3 preparations of rice crispy treats (found in any Rice Crispy cereal box)
about 150 g brown fondant
60 g orange fondant
250 g black fondant
250 g white fondant for eyes, teeth, and cheeks
1 preparation of shortening base buttercream
3 large bamboo BBQ sticks
1 foot bendable florist wire
gardening sheers

Make Olaf's head first since this will determine the size and the proportionality of the whole sculpture.  The recipe found in the Rice Crispy cereal box is perfect amount to make Olaf's head.  Use the microwave method to make a chewy and more malleable rice crispy treats.  Let the treats sit for a maximum of 8 minutes before sculpting with it.  Next I made Olaf's belly (bottom tier).  I used the whole recipe for this one.  Olaf's belly is half as tall as Olaf's head but just as wide as his cheeks.  Make Olaf's chest last.  Olaf's chest (middle tier) is less than half the size of Olaf's belly.  Use the remaining treat for Olaf's feet.  Let sit on the countertop for 2 hours or until each piece harden completely.

Put a little dollop of icing on the centre of the cake board.  Place Olaf's belly on the cake board.  Put a little bit of icing on top and stack Olaf's chest on top of it. Stick bamboo through both pieces.   Spread a generous amount of icing on Olaf's chest.  Attach Olaf's head by skewering it through the bamboo stick.  Chill the sculpture for 30 mins.  After 30 mins take it out of the fridge and apply a thin coat of buttercream.  Chill it again for 30 minutes.  After 30 mins apply more layer of buttercream and chill for another 30 mins.   When the icing is set apply Olaf's nose eyes hair and arms.

To make Olaf's hair:  Stick medium gauge wire on Olaf's head.  Cover  it with dark brown fondant.  To make his arms.  Cut two bbq sticks to 6" long and stick it on the side of Olaf.  Covered the stick with fondant.



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