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Alcohol Free Heineken

Made with ube purple yam goodness.  This cake stands 10" tall and 6" wide.  Its creamy, flavourful and have the right amount of sweetness that you will ask for more Royal Icing lettering are made using Wilton tip#5. The logo is assembled on the flat surface. White background first.  Green ring next and star last.  

Fluffy the Unicorn - Dispicable Me 2

This is the largest cake I made so far.  It is 14 inches long, 12 inches wide and 9 inches tall .  I used 3 batches of red velvet recipe.  Two 9 x 13 x 2 rectangular cake pan and one Wilton football cake pan.   Made this for my sister in laws friend and it travelled all the way to Calgary. Stabilized body with three bubble tea straws Back.  Cut off the tip of football for the tail. Front Covered the whole thing with cream cheese icing.   Took a bit of crispy treat. Skewer the treat into a bbq stick.  Create a horn for the unicorn.  Adding fondant will make the the horn fat. Make sure to make horn as skinny as you can. After frosting the whole thing with cream cheese icing.  Covered the whole thing with shredded coconut.  Grab a hand full of shredded coconut and pat it on the surface of the cake.  Brush off excess coconut with pastry brush.

Coffee tall cake

Coffee cake sprinkled with Oreo cookie crumbs filled with chocolate buttercream. Dimensions:  6" tall and 8" wide.

Sans Rival Sans Problem: I think I am getting the hang of it!

I still have  minor issues with the french buttercream frosting but I think I am getting the hang of it.  The buttercream didn't thicken up as fast as I wanted to.  My mixer was on it for a good hour.  I stopped my mixer for a few seconds just to cool it down for a bit I didn't want the thing to keel over.  After 1 1/2 hour of beating the buttercream is more light and a bit thicker yet not thick enough.  At this point I decided to leave it in the fridge overnight to let the butter solidify for a bit. The next day I was so relieved that the buttercream has thickened up.  Maybe the egg yolk mixture was still be a bit too warm.  I think next time I will try to chill the egg yolk mixture a bit so that it is the same temperature as the softened  butter.  Its going to be better and better each time. The lettering is chocolate royal icing laced with oreo cookie crumbs. Set on top of similar sizes cake pad.  It can now be handled safely.  For clean cashew application place

Tall Pink Ombre Cake

Plumeria with candy beads. Happy Birthday Brea!!! Spread dark icing in the bottom.  Then the lighter shade. Added design

Mickey Mouse

Made for a Mickey Mouse fan and no you don't have to be a kid to have a Mickey Mouse cake. 2 tier cake: Head and body.  The head is made with Ube and the bottom tier is Mocha. After the mishap.  Other than the wrinkled face.  It didn't look all that bad. Dome cake halves for the head and cone shaped cake for Mickey's body Mickey's ears made with black gumpaste.  Heavy gauge florist wire is skewered through for added stability.  Dry on rack until hard. Mickey's snout made with rice crispy cereal.  More crispy treats added on each end of snout to form Mickey's signature chubby cheeks and his wide smile. Front View After the crumb coat I covered the whole head with flesh colored fondant.  I then trace out mickey's hairline.  Place black fondant on top of the fleash fondant.  Make sure the back is fully covers the back of the head and just partial coverage.  Place the hairline template on the head.  Cut out template shape

Guitar Pull Apart Cake

27 cupcakes all together.    Comes in two pieces.  Piece #1 body Piece #2 the arm.

Sans RIval

I must admit I never tried this desert before.  When I was a chance to make one I sneaked a bite off the trimmings.  WOw it was soo good no other desert can compare.  Bad thing about it is that it was difficult to make.  I had to make the french buttercream frosting twice.  I added the butter too soon and I got mayo soup.  I was impatient and added the butter when the yolk and syrup mixture is still warm.  The second time around the butter was too cold so I had to beat the mixture at the high speed for a little more than 10 minutes to firm up the frosting. with cashew nuts Covered with French Butterceam and topped with cashew nuts.

Christening Mini Cakes

Individual mini cakes fashioned into letter blocks. Stacked, frosted 2 square cupcakes on top of each other. Used Witon's square silicone cupcake liner. Cross made with royal icing and studded with silver candy beads.  Used Wilton Tip#21 Fondant doves.  Shaped using PME Sugarcraft dove plunger/ cutter. Letter block mini cakes are placed on top of the cupcake tower to tie everything together.