Mickey Mouse

Made for a Mickey Mouse fan and no you don't have to be a kid to have a Mickey Mouse cake.

2 tier cake: Head and body.  The head is made with
Ube and the bottom tier is Mocha.

After the mishap.  Other than the wrinkled face.  It
didn't look all that bad.

Dome cake halves for the head and cone shaped cake
for Mickey's body

Mickey's ears made with black gumpaste.  Heavy gauge florist
wire is skewered through for added stability.  Dry on rack until hard.

Mickey's snout made with rice crispy cereal.  More crispy treats added
on each end of snout to form Mickey's signature chubby cheeks and
his wide smile.

Front View
After the crumb coat I covered the whole head with flesh colored fondant.  I then trace out mickey's hairline.  Place black fondant on top of the fleash fondant.  Make sure the back is fully covers the back of the head and just partial coverage.  Place the hairline template on the head.  Cut out template shape using sharp exacto knife.  I also made Minnie Mouse in my older post.


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