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Transformers Bumble Bee Pull Apart Cake

Yesterday we went to Xavier's (X for short)  birthday at Galaxyland West Edmonton Mall.  Soo many people! I thought the play area is going to fall apart.  There's just way too many kids in one spot.  The party started at 11 am.  We got there at 11:30 and there was a supper long line up at the entrance.  The line wasn't moving.  The customer  at the counter was taking too long and it looks like she was doing calculus with her money because she couldn't figure out what to pay the cashier.  We finally got our wrist band and we joined the rest of the group. My first pull apart cake... Marble cupcakes with chocolate buttercream. The Birthday Boy Charisma and Bronze with the Birthday Boy. Lunch time!!!  How I made my pull apart cake... 21 cupcakes all together I put a bit of icing underneath each cupcake so it would not move around while I am frosting them.  Next, I pipped frosting on individual cupcake.  Smooth out the frosting using

Owl Cupcakes

It is that time of the school year again, "Demonstration of Learning" part two.  Charisma's demo at 9 am and Bronze's demo shortly after school at 3:30.  Its suppose to be a short day that day but they made Friday a short day instead.  Of course everybody wants to get off early before spring break and that includes teachers.  Too bad Bronze has to miss his beloved skating class.  Charisma is off that day and I have the whole day to bake and finish Xavier's class birthday cupcakes. I baked 5 dozen marble cupcakes.  2 dozen for X's class and 2 dozen for his birthday party and 1 dozen for me ( hey! I need my energy while I decorate!).  I was told I could decorate it whatever I want.  Really!? Since its demonstration of learning day and X is a smart kid ( just like his mom... hehhehe) owl cupcakes are a natural choice. Back to the cupcakes.  I frosted them with chocolate buttercream.  Using a small offset spatula I made impressions on the frosting. This wo

Happy Birthday Grandma Agnes! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day is my mother-in-law's birthday.  I'm sure if St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in the Philippines she would have been called "Patricia".  For her birthday I made her favourite coffee chiffon cake with coffee buttercream icing.  It's like cafe latte in cake form.   Grandma refuses to any pictures taken of her because she is not feeling well so Charisma is the stand in. About 6 inches tall, 8 inches cake,  3 layer cake. CHEESE!!! Charisma standing in for Grandma.

Rainbow Velvet Cupcake

The theme of my neice's 2nd birthday is rainbow (March 16,2012).  So I made her my very own rainbow velvet cupcake.  This is a lemon cupcake frosted with lemon cream cheese icing.  On the outside its not a flashy cake but as soon as you cut into the cake a rainbow full of colours is revealed. Divide cake batter into 5 bowls.  Dyed each bowl with different colour using liquid food colouring. Spoon each colour into the prepared cupcake tin. (photographed by: Elizabeth Chaves) Cupcake all dressed up with rainbow sprinkles. (Photographed by:  Elizabeth Chaves) Along with rainbow cupcakes I also made marble and good old vanilla cupcakes all toped with lemon cream cheese icing.  (Photographed by: Elizabeth Chaves) Charisma and I are the only ones that are healthy enough to attend Sierra's birthday.  Earlier that day I got a phone call from SAB informing me that Bronze is not feeling well.  Its a good thing that I have the car that day and I was able to q

Making A Yoda Cake

Here is my attempt on a Yoda cake.  Vanilla / Chocolate marble cake filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream. This will be Yoda's head.   Then it turned to this... Yoda a looked 100 years younger.  Check out the before shot in the background. Next is Yoda's Body. 3 layers of 8" round vanilla marble cake.  Each layer is filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream. Shaved a little bit of the top of the cake to form the shoulders.  Almost done just need to add Yoda's robe.   Attached the head to the body with chopsticks.  Sculpted arms using cake/frosting mixture. Hands are made with fondant. Fingernails are made with gumpaste. Its finally done... about 11" tall and 8" wide.  I didn't weight it but its heavy.