Transformers Bumble Bee Pull Apart Cake

Yesterday we went to Xavier's (X for short)  birthday at Galaxyland West Edmonton Mall.  Soo many people! I thought the play area is going to fall apart.  There's just way too many kids in one spot.  The party started at 11 am.  We got there at 11:30 and there was a supper long line up at the entrance.  The line wasn't moving.  The customer  at the counter was taking too long and it looks like she was doing calculus with her money because she couldn't figure out what to pay the cashier.  We finally got our wrist band and we joined the rest of the group.

My first pull apart cake...

Marble cupcakes with chocolate buttercream.

The Birthday Boy
Charisma and Bronze with the Birthday Boy.
Lunch time!!! 

How I made my pull apart cake...
21 cupcakes all together
I put a bit of icing underneath each cupcake so it would not move around while I am frosting them.  Next, I pipped frosting on individual cupcake.  Smooth out the frosting using a large offset spatula to cover up the gaps between each cupcake also to make it look like cake.  I did such a good job at smoothing out the frosting that my husband thought it was a cake. I chilled the cake for 1 hour and decorate.  


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