Rainbow Velvet Cupcake

The theme of my neice's 2nd birthday is rainbow (March 16,2012).  So I made her my very own rainbow velvet cupcake.  This is a lemon cupcake frosted with lemon cream cheese icing.  On the outside its not a flashy cake but as soon as you cut into the cake a rainbow full of colours is revealed.

Divide cake batter into 5 bowls.  Dyed each bowl with
different colour using liquid food colouring.
Spoon each colour into the prepared cupcake tin.
(photographed by: Elizabeth Chaves)

Cupcake all dressed up with rainbow sprinkles.
(Photographed by:  Elizabeth Chaves)

Along with rainbow cupcakes I also made
marble and good old vanilla cupcakes
all toped with lemon cream cheese
icing.  (Photographed by: Elizabeth Chaves)

Charisma and I are the only ones that are healthy enough to attend Sierra's birthday.  Earlier that day I got a phone call from SAB informing me that Bronze is not feeling well.  Its a good thing that I have the car that day and I was able to quickly pick up Bronze from school.  Turns out Bronze had an upset stomach from his antibiotics.  Chris had a bad cough. Cough plus restaurant is not a good combination so Chris just stayed home with Bronze.

My brother Ferric
At Pizza Hut...

Happy Birthday Sierra!!! <3

Charisma, Jayla, and Melanie after the meal.

before the birthday party...

Made this much cupcakes that day.  

Naked Rainbow cupcake

Matching rainbow cupcake stand.  


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