Making A Yoda Cake

Here is my attempt on a Yoda cake.  Vanilla / Chocolate marble cake filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream.

This will be Yoda's head.  
Then it turned to this...

Yoda a looked 100 years younger.  Check out the before shot in the

Next is Yoda's Body.

3 layers of 8" round vanilla marble cake.  Each layer is filled and frosted with
vanilla buttercream.
Shaved a little bit of the top of the cake to form the shoulders.  Almost done just need to add Yoda's robe.  

Attached the head to the body with chopsticks.
 Sculpted arms using cake/frosting mixture.
Hands are made with fondant.
Fingernails are made with gumpaste.

Its finally done...

about 11" tall and 8" wide.  I didn't weight it but its


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