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Spiderman Themed Cake

Bronze's present to his friend Jayden who likes Spiderman.  Red velvet cake with chocolate buttercream icing.  Used  two 9" X 13" rectangle cake.  Cut both in half, level, and stacked on top of each other creating a 16" tall cake.  Kneaded the cake trimmings and left over frosting.  The resulting cake/frosting mixture are formed into bricks for the building.  For the windows I placed 2 small rectangles on top of each other.  I outlined the windows using black buttercream frosting spiked with pipping gel.  The pipping gel increases the flowability of the buttercream through the tip creating smooth lines.  On the rooftop I drew black buttercream spiderwebs around the  Chibi Spiderman figurine. Happy 7th birthday Jayden! How long did this take me to make? It took 2 1/2 days to make.  The first day I baked the cake.  I let the cake sit at room temperature uncovered so it will be easy to handle the next day.  The cake is soft when its freshly bake and will fall ap

Happy Valentines Day 2012

Who new Valentines Day could be this busy.  I woke up at 6:20 am to package the 47 heart shaped shortbread cookies.  Feed the kids cereal, get  lunches ready, and then get myself ready to drop off the kids to SAB.  I rushed back home to package the Red Velvet cupcakes I made for the teachers and their assistants. Cupcake holder was designed and handmade by me. Unfortunately I ran out of the cellophane so made single cupcake boxes ... Red for L <3 VE !!!  I wanted to be in School by 10:30 am to see Charisma's Valentines party but I didn't get there until 10:45 am.  After kindergarten we went to WEM Galaxyland playground for a Valentines Day Playdate with some of Charisma's classmate.  It was fun chitchatting with some of the mom's at SAB (Sister Annata Brockman school)... Lucky Guy! Have 3 dates on Valentines Day. I guess that explains the big grin on his face. (from left to right Charisma, Maddie,  Jonathan, and Emma) Until Charisma ca

Plant vs Zombie meets Spongebob - Your 7 Bronze!

We celebrated Bronze's birthday the weekend before his actual birthday at West Edmonton Mall Galaxyland Amusement Park.  Bronze's friends are there as well as his uncles, grandparents, Ninang, and his little cousins.  Last year Bronze is intimidated by the bigger rides and stuck to the kiddy rides.  Now, I was shocked to see that Bronze went on the intermediate rides.  Bronze and his friends went on "The Autosled" roller coaster so many times that I lost count.  He wanted out of the "Flying Galeon" a few seconds into the ride.  I made him though it out but as we were leaving the ride he screamed, "Again! Again!".  I felt sick after that ride and thats the end of that ride. Bronze and Kaden waitinf for their turn at the Autosled. bumper cars with Sister and Aspen Fearless Ariel First I wanted to make Bronze a SpongeBob Square Pants cake but Bronze wanted a plant vs zombie cake.  I tried making a zombie but failed.  Bronze'