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Happy Valentines Day 2012

Who new Valentines Day could be this busy.  I woke up at 6:20 am to package the 47 heart shaped shortbread cookies.  Feed the kids cereal, get  lunches ready, and then get myself ready to drop off the kids to SAB.  I rushed back home to package the Red Velvet cupcakes I made for the teachers and their assistants.

Cupcake holder was designed and handmade by me.

Unfortunately I ran out of the cellophane so made single cupcake boxes ...

Red for L <3 VE !!! 
I wanted to be in School by 10:30 am to see Charisma's Valentines party but I didn't get there until 10:45 am.  After kindergarten we went to WEM Galaxyland playground for a Valentines Day Playdate with some of Charisma's classmate.  It was fun chitchatting with some of the mom's at SAB (Sister Annata Brockman school)...

Lucky Guy! Have 3 dates on Valentines Day.
I guess that explains the big grin on his face.
(from left to right Charisma, Maddie,
 Jonathan, and Emma)

Until Charisma came out crying. She was upset because no one wants her to be the leader.  She cried for AWHILE until everyone apologized and let her be the leader.  THen... I saw her crying yet again but this time she was just pretending.  Huh?  I really thought she was crying.  

Tomorrow are the kids Skating school field trip.  It would be Charisma's first time setting foot on the ice.  I'm curious to see if she is really going to go through with it.  I "girled-up" her helmet hoping this would motivate her to go on the ice.

I went crazy with rhinestones. I'm planing on adding more.

Left side

After all this Chris came home with sushi and we had Valentines dinner together.  Chris did the dishes.  I helped the kids with their homework and then put them to sleep... XOXOXO muahh!!!


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