Spiderman Themed Cake

Bronze's present to his friend Jayden who likes Spiderman.  Red velvet cake with chocolate buttercream icing.  Used  two 9" X 13" rectangle cake.  Cut both in half, level, and stacked on top of each other creating a 16" tall cake.  Kneaded the cake trimmings and left over frosting.  The resulting cake/frosting mixture are formed into bricks for the building.  For the windows I placed 2 small rectangles on top of each other.  I outlined the windows using black buttercream frosting spiked with pipping gel.  The pipping gel increases the flowability of the buttercream through the tip creating smooth lines.  On the rooftop I drew black buttercream spiderwebs around the  Chibi Spiderman figurine.

Happy 7th birthday Jayden!
How long did this take me to make? It took 2 1/2 days to make.  The first day I baked the cake.  I let the cake sit at room temperature uncovered so it will be easy to handle the next day.  The cake is soft when its freshly bake and will fall apart easily.  The next day I made my spiderman figurine out of gumpaste.  Since its my first time making spiddy it took half a day to make.

Chibby Spiderman.  I tried to make him skinny but the gumpaste is
hard to work with.

After that I made my frosting, fill the cake, apply my crumb coat, and applied the final coat of frosting on the cake.  I refrigerated the cake after each stage to maintain its shape.

This is what I got.  A 16" tall 8" by 6" rectangle.
Since I know how to make the spiderman figurine the next one would be better.  Next project would be retro Bumblebee Transformer (if I am still alive after cleaning my kitchen).


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