Have a Cupcake Break

Cannot decide between vanilla or chocolate have both..
Marble Cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream and drizzled
 with melted chocolate.

Have something healthy that is filled with carrots, apples, raisins, and pecan nuts.
Carrot cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting.


Jackee said…
OMG!! I love your blog!!! YUMMY!!! HA!! Thanks for stopping my my blog.

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I didn't notice where you're located, but if you are near a Sephora, Ulta or a Bare Minerals store, stop in and ask for a sample. That way you can try it before you commit to buying!!

Talk to you soon!!

Bernadette Marcos-Mendoza said…
Baked with Love by Carousel

Ordered chocolate, marble, carrot, lemon and coffee cupcakes for my monthly meeting at work. Super delicious, super moist and packed with tons of yummy goodness! Everyone in the office really enjoyed the cupcakes. We will order from Carousel again for future meetings.

Mini cupcake size was not really mini but a regular size and regular was larger than expected! Super price for the sizes you get.

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