Po-Po-Po-Po-Po-Poker Cake

Ahhh my Po Po Po Po PP Poker Cake (sung in the tune of Poker Face by Lady Gaga)..  It's a challenging one.  I was sweating bullets while I hand drew the King and Jack of Hearts.  I was saying to myself "why"  I should have just bought the molds for it.  But hey!  Look at it.  Doesn't it look more special this way.  

What I did is:
  1.  Took a bit of white fondant and dip it in tylose. Kneaded it a bit to combine the tylose into the the fondant.  ***Tylose will allow the fondant to harden a bit so that you are able to color your images with edible markers.***
  2. Roll out dough into about 1/8" thickness and cut them into two rectangles. Your rectangles should be proportional to the width of the cake.  For oversized cards make them 1/3 of the width (the shorter side) of the rectangle cake
  3. Printed an image of the King and Jack.  The images are too large so I ended up etching the images into the fondant with an etching tool.  
  4. Etch out the letter "K" on top left corner and bottom right corner. Do the same with the letter "J" for the Jack of hearts card.
  5. Below the letters imprint a heart using a heart micro cookie cutter.  Do not press down too hard.  You just want to press down lightly.
  6. Dry out the etched rectangles on the counter top for about 1 hour.
  7. Outline the etched KING and JACK images with thin black edible markers.  **Note: Do not outline diamonds, heart, clubs, or clovers with black markers.***
  8. Color in the images with edible markers.  Here I use red, yellow, blue, and black.

I did the same for the rest of the cards I used Fox Run's mini shapes fondant cutter (see image below) to etched out the images and then I colored in with edible markers.  For best results use new pack of edible markers.  At that time I couldn't find the etchers for the numbers and letters so I just hand draw them.  Later on I found small number / letter etchers at Oomomo's  baking aisle.   (Oomomo is a Japanese variety store in Canada.  They are similar to Daiso, and Miniso)

I found this mini fondant cutter at Amazon.ca

For inquiries you may email me @ danceycake@gmail.com...  Happy Baking and thank you for stopping by!! 


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