Tyler the Creator: Odd Future donut

This yeast donut took the whole day to make.  Multi tasking my way around the day so I can create this delish awesome treat.  Everyone is at home self isolating.  Running around making 3 meals a day and snacks is a lot of work! 
It turned our really well so proud of this!

I also made a video just make it easier for everyone to follow along.  Watch it with your kids and partner.  Bond while baking.  


For those of you who prefer the recipe format.  I screen shot some of the scenes.
You can shape these in whatever shape you want.  You don't even need a cookie cutters.   Simply roll out your dough into desired thickness and shape and then cut them up into little rectangles.  It's so easy!

Dip each donut in the glaze.  Add sprinkles immediately before glaze sets.  Wait 5 minutes before serving.  

Please follow me on You Tube for my latest recipes... Enjoy!!


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