Chainsaw Battlecats

Battle Cats is Japanese tower defence game launched in 2012 and rereleased in 2017.  The birthday boy is a big fan of battle cats he got a similar cake last year.  (This cake can be found here)..
Originally I wanted the chainsaw attached to battle cat's vehicle.  Unfortunately the chainsaw was too heavy and the cake is not dense enough to hold it into place.  I had to put in on the cake board and use it as a background for the celebrants name. Perhaps it would have been better if I use wafer sheets to create the chainsaw or install a heavy, dense base that can hold the the heavy chainsaw.


I used the ball cake mould for this cake.  I baked 3 pieces so one whole ball and a small bowl for the bottom base piece.

This is a full ball cake.  I cut off 1/3 of the top layer to create the shape for battle cat's vehicle.  To prevent the cake from tipping and rolling around I added at o thick piece of fondant at the bottom of the cake.  I am going to trim off the excess cake pad, smooth out the buttercream and then cover the whole thing with white fondant.

I am going to cut off the excess cake pad, smoothed out the buttercream, and cover it with white fondant.
Once covered I insert 3 bubble tea straw.  The straw will support the weight of the upper tier.


It should look like this.
I then proceed into making the trailer.  I cut twelve 2.5 cm by 7 cm strips of foam core.  Apply a bead of hot glue along the foam side of the strips. Glue together 3 strips at a time.  You will end up with 4 sides.  Glue 4 sides together to create a box (as seen in the picture below).  trace the shape of the box.  Cut out the resulting shape.  This will be the base of the box.  To create the base board of the box hot glue a 3 cm by 8 cm strips.  Do this to all sides.  
Once the box is finished attached 4 small pieces of straw at the bottom of the box.  This will hold the box up.   Once the straws are attached you may attach the fondant tires with candy melts. 

More on how I made the vehicle in the next post. 


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