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Yellow and Blue Wedding Cake: Money Saving Tips

It is so easy to buy into the latest and greatest cake trends in choosing the design for our wedding cake.  It becomes too overwhelming.  Well the cake does not  have to be too ornate.  I always say, "less is more".  The simpler the better!  Here are some valuable money saving tips when ordering your wedding cake.


Themes are an excellent way to keep focus on your vision and as well as your budget.  In this cake the couple wanted the Filipino and the Canadian flag on the cake as well as their personal quote (" I found you).. They made it their own by adding these little touches while staying with their " lemon yellow and midnight blue theme.


An average wedding cake ranges from $300 to $450.  Bakers typically charge per serving from $4 per serving to $8 per serving.  Costs per slice depends on design complexity, color, flavor, and icing types.

American buttercream cakes are generally cheaper than their fondant counter part.  Buttercream cakes are  $4 and up per serving while fondant cakes are $6 and up per serving.. 

Order additional cupcakes for the rest of the guest to enjoy.  Rent a cake stand similar to the one below to display both the cake and the cupcakes.  Some bakers have cake stands available for rent.


Provide you own cake topper.  If your cake decorator did not have to spend time looking for a cake topper or creating a cake topper for you they will charge you less.  
Also fresh flowers are more cost effective than handmade fondant flowers.  Have your florists to make you a small arrangement for your cake.  Ask your florist if you can workout a flower package that includes your cake flowers.

All I am saying is you do not have to splurge in order to have an awesome cake.  For me, my priority is to have the most delicious cake at my wedding.  So when I got married I went to my favourite bakery and I got them to make me an all white 4 tier buttercream mocha chiffon cake, decorated with swags and roses.  Nothing fancy but it was soo delicious! 

What do you think of this article is it informative? If you have any questions leave a comment down below.  That's all for now.  Thank you for visiting my blog!


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