Cute Donut Cake: The secret inside the GIANT DONUT

The secret is I made it using rice crispy treats!  So easy to do.  First you need to make your RICE CRISPY TREATS....
  1.   Using a large glass bowl melt 1/4 cups of butter in the microwave.
  2.   Mix in 3 cups of marshmallow into the melted butter.
  3.   Microwave for 1 minute. 
  4.   Stir with a silicone spatula.  If mixture is lumpy, microwave for another 30 seconds.
  5.   Stir until smooth.
  6.   Stir in 6 to 7 cups rice crispy cereal.
  7.   Stir well make sure all the rice cereal is coated with melted marshmallows. Set aside
Now you are ready to shape your doughnut.  You will need:  6" round cake pan, and a 2" wide round cookie cutter.
  1.   Grease the cake pan with shortening or butter.
  2.   Pack in rice crispy treats into the grease cake pan.
  3.   Unmold the crispy treat.
  4.   Using the round cookie cutter cut out a circle in the centre of the crispy treat.
  5.   Smooth out the edge and the centre of the donut with your finger.  This step will make it look    more like a donut.
Cover the donut with royal icing or buttercream (I used royal icing).  Make sure the donut is well covered and smooth as much as possible.

Lay fondant on top of the smoothed out crispy treat donut.
  1.   Roll out fondant.
  2.   Cut out a small circle (1" in diameter)  in the middle of the rolled out fondant.
  3.   Cover up the flat side (the bad side)  of the donut.
  4.   Using the rolling pin lift out your fondant. 
  5.   Place fondant on the prepared donut 
  6.   Match out the hole on the fondant to the hole of your crispy donut.  
  7.   Press down into the centre of the donut.
  8.   Flip the covered section.  
  9.   Repeat the same process on the other side (the good side).  
Now we can add cute little eyes.
  1.   Roll out black fondant.
  2.   Cut out small circles using a small 1/2" round cookie cutter or icing tip.
  3.   Attach on to the top half of the donut.
  4.   Add 2 tiny circles on each eye for catch light.
  5.   I made the eyelashes by rolling out a bit of black fondant.  
  6.   Roll them out as thin and possible
  7.   Cut them to size and attach them to the bottom corner of its eyes.
  8.   For the mouth take a bit of black fondant and roll it out into small thin strips.
  9.   Cut the strips to size 
  10.   Attach right bellow her eyes.
I made sprinkles on the doughnut with clay extruder.  This clay extruder I only use for fondant work and nothing else.  
  1.   I inserted various colors of fondant inside the barrel.
  2.   Attach the smallest round insert.
  3.   Turn handle to extrude long skinny strips of fondant.
  4.   I cut each one of them desired little strips.
  5.   Sprinkle them all over the good side of the donut.
To create the PARTY HAT I took a bit of yellow fondant turn it into a small ball and then I proceeded to making it into a cone.  I then cut up some of the sprinkles and I added them onto the hat.  Made another little ball to attach to the top of the hat.


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