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Cute Donut Cake: The secret inside the GIANT DONUT

The secret is I made it using rice crispy treats!  So easy to do.  First you need to make your RICE CRISPY TREATS....   Using a large glass bowl melt 1/4 cups of butter in the microwave.   Mix in 3 cups of marshmallow into the melted butter.   Microwave for 1 minute.    Stir with a silicone spatula.  If mixture is lumpy, microwave for another 30 seconds.   Stir until smooth.   Stir in 6 to 7 cups rice crispy cereal.   Stir well make sure all the rice cereal is coated with melted marshmallows. Set aside Now you are ready to shape your doughnut.  You will need:  6" round cake pan, and a 2" wide round cookie cutter.   Grease the cake pan with shortening or butter.   Pack in rice crispy treats into the grease cake pan.   Unmold the crispy treat.   Using the round cookie cutter cut out a circle in the centre of the crispy treat.   Smooth out the edge and the centre of the donut with your finger.  This step will make it look    more like a donut.

Hotwheels Cake: How to make cute edible go carts.

Happy Birthday little man! This has got to be the most interesting indoor playground.  It was like a miniature town in there.  Super cute! Birthday Boy and his family These 100% edible little cars are super easy to make.  No special mold needed. Things you will need: red fondant, green fondant, blue fondant, yellow fondant, black fondant, mini rolling pin, a small knife, melted chocolate, black edible markers and regular icing tip. See video below No time to make these cute little edible race cars?  Let us make it for you!  Order edible cars HERE .  Order cake HERE (local orders only).

Yellow and Blue Wedding Cake: Money Saving Tips

It is so easy to buy into the latest and greatest cake trends in choosing the design for our wedding cake.  It becomes too overwhelming.  Well the cake does not  have to be too ornate.  I always say, "less is more".  The simpler the better!  Here are some valuable money saving tips when ordering your wedding cake. Tip#1 CHOOSE A THEME Themes are an excellent way to keep focus on your vision and as well as your budget.  In this cake the couple wanted the Filipino and the Canadian flag on the cake as well as their personal quote (" I found you).. They made it their own by adding these little touches while staying with their " lemon yellow and midnight blue theme. #2 SET A REASONABLE CAKE BUDGET An average wedding cake ranges from $300 to $450.  Bakers typically charge per serving from $4 per serving to $8 per serving.  Costs per slice depends on design complexity, color, flavor, and icing types. #3  CHOOSE BUTTERCREAM COVERE

Trevi Fountain Cake

Back in August 2018 my cousin Elaine and her husband Wes got married.. It was an amazing wedding! I am honoured to be one of the two matron of honours for my cousin Elaine. NAILED IT!!! After months of designing, planning remaking the figurines and approximately 60 hours of sculpting, baking, and decorating time. The cake is here at @jobchoa and @elainevill 's wedding reception. My version of Trevi Fountain cake.   Why the Trevi Fountain you ask?  Its because it is where they got engaged! The cake is not very big.  It was a 2 layer 12" cake.  I trimmed the front to create steps.  I also made cupcakes enough for 200 people. Rice crispy base Pillars trimmings The beginning of Neptune's statue.   My cousin Elaine the bride, and My cousin Eli  Eli my co-matron of honour The rest of the bridesmaids!

Battle Cats Cake - Tin Cat

Tin Cat's spaceship is made with crispy rice treats.  One recipe of crispy rice should be enough.  Prepared rice crispy treats is enough too. Crispy rice treats: 3 cups mini marsmallow 5 cups crispy rice treat 1/4 cup butter Place butter in a large glass bowl.  Melt butter in microwave for 1 minute.  Stir in mini marsmallow.  Microwave for 1 minute until marsmallow are melted.  Incorporate rice crispies into marsmallow until well coated.  Let sit for a 5 minutes.   SCULPTING THE SPACESHIP Materials needed: One 6" wide ball cake pan shortening pastry brush 10" cake board The wingspan of the spaceship is close to 10".  I grabbed a handful of rice treats and started forming two 1" thick wings.  ( See picture for template).  I then greased one of the ball cake pan with shortening and stuff it with rice treats.   Place the wings on the 10" cake board.  Unmold the rice treats in the ball cake pan. Place it on top of th