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Princess Poppy Troll Cupcake Cake

This is how I made my Princess Poppy Troll cupcake cake made with 25 cupcakes pieced together in the shape of Princess Poppy Troll.  

Things you will need:
25 standard sized cupcakes
1 rectangle cake board
100 grams light royal blue fondant
100 grams light green fondant
25 grams white fondant
10 grams black fondant
20 grams pink fondant
2 disposable icing bag each fitted with Wilton 1M icing tips
2 cups pink buttercream
3 cups pinkish purple buttercream
pink edible glitter (optional for cheek blush)
1/4 cups royal icing
Americolour Electric Pink soft gel paste ( Princess Poppy's Face)
Americolour Violet soft gel paste ( Princess Poppy's Hair)

Tinting the buttercreams:

To tint the buttercream for Princess Poppy's face I added 4 drops of Americolor Electric Pink and 1 drop of Americolor voilet to 2 cups buttercream. Add more  drops violet soft gel paste to the buttercream until you get the colour that you wanted.   For Princess Poppy's Hair I added 4 drops of Americolor electric pink and 2 drops of Americolor Violet to 3 cups of buttercream.  Add more violet soft gel paste to hair buttercream until you get the colour that you wanted.  Transfer each buttercream to two different disposable icing bags fitted with Wilton 1M icing tips. set aside

Mapping out the cupcakes and piecing them to together:

Set the cupcakes in place with royal icing.  Apply royal icing at the bottom of cupcakes.
Icing the cupcakes:
Take your prepared pink buttercream piping bag and with it outline Princess Poppy's face.  (See diagram below).

Cover gaps between cupcakes in order to create smoother lines.
Notice how I did not follow the natural shape of the cupcake.  I filled in the gaps between two cupcakes hence creating smoother lines.

Which brings us to the next step fill in the outline area with pink buttercream.


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