D'lish Donut Shopkins Cupcake Cake

The things you will need:
2 disposable icing  bag fitted with Wilton 1M icing tips.
1 cups light brown buttercream
3 cups pink buttercream
A bit of royal blue fondant
A bit of yellow fondant
A bit of white fondant
A bit if black fondant
Bright pink sprinkles
1 3/4 inches in diameter round cookie cutter


It takes 24 cupcakes to make my D'lish Donut cupcake cake.  Shape the cupcakes like so.  The 2 cupcakes that sticking out on both sides are D'lish's hands.

Spread royal icing at the bottom of all the cupcakes to stop it from moving around.

Fill one of the icing bag with light brown icing and the other icing bag with pink icing.

Using light brown buttercream outline the shape of D'lish. Pipe buttercream on the 2 cupcakes for her hands. (see video)

Smooth out the light brown icing.  You will only need to completely cover the outer edge. Don't worry if a bit of the cupcake is showing through because huge part of the cake will be covered by the pink buttercream.

To make the pink doughnut glaze on D'lish:  draw out the outline of the pink glaze with pink buttercream.  You want a bit of the light brown frosting to show along the edge of the cake.

Using the pink outline as guideline ice the rest of the cake with pink buttercream.

Smooth out the pink buttercream with an offset spatula.

Immerse offset spatula in hot water for 10 seconds.

Smooth out pink buttercream with warm offset spatula to make a more smooth surface.

To make the eyes:  Cut out two thin, 1 3/4"  wide,  blue royal blue circles, two white circles with the same dimensions, plus two 1" wide black circles (use the wide open end of 1M icing tip) and 1/4" wide white circle (free hand shape it).

Stack the blue circle on top of white circle with a bit of the white circle peaking out of the left side of the blue circle.  On the top right corner stack the black circle on top of the blue circle (see image bellow).  

Using the round cookie cutter cut out the excess blue fondant (see below).

Using a balling tool make a dent on the top right corner of the black circle.  Finally place the white circle inside the dent.  

Outline the eyes with black shoestring fondant (make it by using a fondant extruder).

Reshape the eyes

Make eyelashes and eyebrows using the same black fondant shoestring.

Make a 4 yellow and 4 royal blue tiny hearts.  To make tiny hearts make a 1/4 inch ball. Flatten the ball with the tip of your fingers.  Pinch the bottom to create a point.  Make a tiny incision at the center, round it out.  Repeat several times to create a total of 8 hearts.  Sprinkle the tiny heart at the top half of the cake.

Make blue and yellow sprinkles by making yellow and blue shoe strings and cut them up into 1/4" long pieces. Sprinkle on the top half of the cake above the eyebrows.  Do the same with bright pink sprinkles.  Feel free to use pre-made yellow and blue sprinkles.

Add the lips and nose (see video)...



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