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Princess Poppy Troll Cupcake Cake

This is how I made my Princess Poppy Troll cupcake cake made with 25 cupcakes pieced together in the shape of Princess Poppy Troll.   Things you will need: 25 standard sized cupcakes 1 rectangle cake board 100 grams light royal blue fondant 100 grams light green fondant 25 grams white fondant 10 grams black fondant 20 grams pink fondant 2 disposable icing bag each fitted with Wilton 1M icing tips 2 cups pink buttercream 3 cups pinkish purple buttercream pink edible glitter (optional for cheek blush) 1/4 cups royal icing Americolour Electric Pink soft gel paste ( Princess Poppy's Face) Americolour Violet soft gel paste ( Princess Poppy's Hair) Tinting the buttercreams: To tint the buttercream for Princess Poppy's face I added 4 drops of Americolor Electric Pink and 1 drop of Americolor voilet to 2 cups buttercream. Add more  drops violet soft gel paste to the buttercream until you get the colour that you wanted.   For Princess Poppy's Hair I

D'lish Donut Shopkins Cupcake Cake

The things you will need: 2 disposable icing  bag fitted with Wilton 1M icing tips. 1 cups light brown buttercream 3 cups pink buttercream A bit of royal blue fondant A bit of yellow fondant A bit of white fondant A bit if black fondant Bright pink sprinkles 1 3/4 inches in diameter round cookie cutter Procedure: It takes 24 cupcakes to make my D'lish Donut cupcake cake.  Shape the cupcakes like so.  The 2 cupcakes that sticking out on both sides are D'lish's hands. Spread royal icing at the bottom of all the cupcakes to stop it from moving around. Fill one of the icing bag with light brown icing and the other icing bag with pink icing. Using light brown buttercream outline the shape of D'lish. Pipe buttercream on the 2 cupcakes for her hands. (see video) Smooth out the light brown icing.  You will only need to completely cover the outer edge. Don't worry if a bit of the cupcake is showing through because

Easy Nerf Cake

Simple cake covered in vanilla buttercream decorated with fondant.  The nerf bullets are inedible because they are real Nerf bullets.  One of the guests asked me if they are edible.  Target is made by a series of round cookie cutter.  

Fluffy Like Clouds Glutten Free Vanilla Chiffon Cupcakes

Chiffon cakes are my favourite cakes.  They are fluffy, moist and delicious.  Since its fluffy and light I wonder if it will hold its fluffiness if I turn it into a gluten free type cake.  I replaced my regular cake flour with my DIY GLUTEN FREE CAKE FLOUR   To make DIY Gluten Free Cake Flour measure out 2 cups Koda Farms Mochiko sweet rice flour into a small bowl and scoop out 2 tablespoons of sweet rice flour.  Add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch to the rice flour.  Stir with a whisk.   NOTE:  Mochiko sweet rice flour is smoother than the regular white rice flour.  I made a mistake of using white rice flour and the cupcake has a dent and its gritty.  It was gross! Next is the baking powder.  Generally baking powder is already gluten free.  Some baking powder brands uses wheat starch into their product so check the label.  Make sure there are no wheat products in the ingredients.  If you are looking for baking powder that is aluminium free buy organic baking powder.