Cheeky Chocolate Shopkin

Making this cupcake cake is a lot of fun. After half a days worth of learning iMovie and editing I brought you my first ever video.  This video was originally 1 hour long but I managed to trim it down to 7 minutes.  Have fun watching the video.  Don't forget to subscribe, comment, or hit the like button. 

This is the basic shape of Cheeky Chocolate.  For Cheeky's feet I peeled half 
of the cupcake liner and tipped the cupcake to its side.  Ice the exposed cake
with chocolate buttercream. To keep the shape of the cupcake apply melted 
chocolate to the bottom of the cupcakes.  

Apply chocolate buttercream on all the chocolate cupcakes.

covered 8 vanilla cupcakes with turquoise vanilla
buttercream.  Last pipe white buttercream on the
remaining 4 cupcakes.


Unknown said…
I have been looking for a cake idea for my Granddaughter for her birthday and this is perfect. Thank you for sharing.

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