Big Hero 6 Two Tier Cake

Because of the heat wave we are having I am worried about this cake falling apart.  I even contemplated about making 50/50 butter/shortening icing instead of my 100% all butter buttercream icing.  I bake only chiffon on sponge type cakes so it makes it even susceptible to breakage because chiffon cakes are soft and light.  No matter, I just inserted lots of straws in the cake to prevent the top tier from caving into to the bottom tier.  I kept the cake in the fridge until the client picked it up.  In 30+ weather butter is like thick stew.

Partially decorate each tier seperately.  Cover bottom tier with red fondant.  I used parchment paper to determine the size of bayamax's face.  First I measured the height of the cake.  Since the cake is 4" tall I made Bayamax's face to be 3" tall.  The diameter of Bayamax's face is approximately 1/3 of the total circumference of the cake.  I made a template out of regular white paper.  I folded my paper in half and draw half of bayamax's face.  While folded I cut along the outline.  Fold a parchment sheet in half, insert in between the paper bayamax face, and cut along the line.  Place parchment paper template over the rolled out fondant and cut along the template.  Apply a bit of piping gel on the back end of the bayamax face, and place it on the cake.

Two tier.  8" round at the bottom and 6" round top tier

Red Armoured Bayamax (bottom tier) - After the cake is covered in red fondant
The size of Bayamax's face .Draw Bayamax's face on piece of paper.

Making bayamax is easy.  What is hard is to keep bayamax intact.  To prevent Bayamax's 
torso to cave into his legs I placed an oval cardstock on top of his legs.  Cardstock has to be a bit
smaller than the base of Bayamax's torso.  I inserted bamboo skewers through its legs so that 
Bayamax legs keeps its form.  The skewers are as tall as Bayamax's legs.  Lastly I inserted a long 
bamboo skewer through his head, between his legs, and 2 inches into the top tier cake.  


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