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Minion Cupcake Cake

This is how I made my Ube (purple yam) Minion cupcake..  Enjoy!

Come see how I made it in this youtube video.  Don't forget to subscribe for more updates!

Used Wilton tip 1M to create the rose pattern on the cupcake.  Start pipping from
middle cupcake and out.
To create the eyes...
 You will need 3 different sizes of round cookie cutter (3", 2.5, 1 inches, white fondant, grey fondant (goggle frame), light brown fondant (iris), and black fondant, large ball tool, and piping gel.  Cut out a 3" circle out of grey and white fondant.  Set aside in large ziplock bag.  Cut out a 2.5" circle in the middle of the grey circle.  This will be the frames for the minions goggles. With a small brush apply a small amount of water along the perimeter of the white circle.  Lay down the grey frames on top of the white circle.  Using a ball tool (See pic bellow) make an indent on the bottom centre of the white circle.  Place the brown 1" circle in the dip.  Make a 1/4" ball and place in the middle of the brown circle.  To create the look of glass on his goggles brush a small amount of piping gel all over the white fondant and eyes.  Do not apply piping gel on goggle frame.

This is the ball tool I used..
I used the larger ball of this Wilton ball tool (purple) to make the indentation on the white fondant and the smaller
ball to make the indentation in the middle of the iris.

2 doz cupcakes all together


Megan said…
how did you do the eye?
Megan said…
How did you do the eye?
hi Megan I updated the post for instructions on the eyes.
Tiffin said…
Are the hands and feet fondant too?
Yes the hands and feet are fondant too.
Unknown said…
How big would the cake board have to be?
Anonymous said…
Love your cake What colours did you use to make the icing colours pictured...especiall curious about the blue
This comment has been removed by the author.
or the blue I used Americolor Navy Blue. Use a bit of it first, keep adding more until you achieve the color that you wanted.

Unknown said…
Did you use royal icing or buttercream?

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