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Charisma's Nyan Cat Vanilla Strawberry Chiffon Cake

My daughter Charisma has an affinity with cats and youtube.  If I can describe Nyan cat it would be like this.  Nyan cat is flying, poptart, space cat who leaves a trail of rainbow as she flies into space.  She even has a theme song as she flies.   Nyan cat is shown on the computer screen. nyan cat decor on our pendant lighting lovingly made by charisma. it was also my brother Patrick's 34th birthday. Hello Kitty Balloons from Grandma Agnes October is a busy month for us.  Not only its Charisma's birthday it is also Halloween a couple of days later. Charisma the "White Rabbit".

Gin's Vintage Dude cake

This chocolate chiffon cake's inspiration is from "vintage dude" party ware.  I want to evoke the feel of a gentleman celebrating his 30th birthday, sipping martini in his fine leather couch.  (LOL) I achieve the fine leather look by icing the cake with chocolate ganache.  The letterings are coffee buttercream and the cake graphics are also coffee buttercream that I dyed grey. This chiffon chocolate cake is similar to red velvet cake but minus the red food colouring.  It is filled with cream cheese icing and covered with chocolate ganache.  I posted a shortcut version of this cake recipe at the bottom of this page.  Enjoy! Vintage Dude party ware inspiration. Easy Light Chocolate Cake 1 package of Duncan Hines classic yellow cake mix 2 tablespoon cocoa powder 1 cup water 1/4 cup vegetable oil 3 large eggs 1 tablespoon brewed coffee (optional)  Preheat oven at 350 F.  Grease and lightly flour the bottom and sides of 2 8" round lig

Ariel's Ice Hockey themed Birthday Party. Go Oiler's Go!

Bow Tie Retirement Party Cake

Made stripes with blue buttercream using Sweetness and Bites  blocking method.  The stripes were done by sticking strips of parchment paper on every other 2 1/4 inches section on the side of the cake.   Blue buttercream is then applied on the gaps and then smoothed out by a pallet knife

The anatomy of Tammy's Wedding Cake

Handmade Calalilies and Plumeria Set up When I make a cake I prepare certain things ahead of time in order to save time.  I make the gum paste flowers months ahead of time for it to completely dry.   Roll yellow gum paste into 1/2 " in diameter  Elongate the piece that you are working on cut florist wire to 6" long .  

Gmod and Batman back to school cake

Gmod and Batman hybrid cake fashioned into a back pack is an awesome motivation for kids going back to school this September.

Golden Anniversary Golf and Bike Cake

She loves biking and He loves golfing.  Happy 50th anniversary Eva and Robert.  Got a phone call from Eva thanking me for making their cake.  She said that it was very cute, delicious and everyone loved it.  I am happy and glad that I made their anniversary special. 8" in diameter vanilla cake covered in vanilla buttercream with fondant cake decoration. 

Big Hero 6 Two Tier Cake

Because of the heat wave we are having I am worried about this cake falling apart.  I even contemplated about making 50/50 butter/shortening icing instead of my 100% all butter buttercream icing.  I bake only chiffon on sponge type cakes so it makes it even susceptible to breakage because chiffon cakes are soft and light.  No matter, I just inserted lots of straws in the cake to prevent the top tier from caving into to the bottom tier.  I kept the cake in the fridge until the client picked it up.  In 30+ weather butter is like thick stew. Partially decorate each tier seperately.  Cover bottom tier with red fondant.  I used parchment paper to determine the size of bayamax's face.  First I measured the height of the cake.  Since the cake is 4" tall I made Bayamax's face to be 3" tall.  The diameter of Bayamax's face is approximately 1/3 of the total circumference of the cake.  I made a template out of regular white paper.  I folded my paper in half and draw half

Carousel Cake

Pineapple and coconut cake that reminds me of a virgin pinacolada.  This is a special request cake from a client.  Canopy is made with 6" round cake stacked on top of an 8" round cake.

Bubble Guppies 2 tier cake

Super cute cake!  This cake was a little more than 8" tall and 10" wide. Gill and Bubble Puppy Molly Mr. Grouper. back of the cake Seaweeds.  Twisted some to create movement 8