Santa Cupcake Cake

Its Christmas season again.  For my kid's School Christmas Concert social I made a Santa Claus cupcake cake.  It sort of reminded me of the 8 bit video game graphics back in the day.  Each cupcake represents a pixel in the whole cake.  In this case I used 2 doz vanilla cupcake to create this santa claus cake.
I used 22 cupcake for this configuration. 

Originally there are 22 cupcakes.  I added 1 cupcake at the bottom of Santa's
 beard and also another cupcake at the tip of Santa's hat.

After pipping out roses .  Used Wilton #1M.. Start  from middle of the

2013 Sister Annata Brockman Catholic School Christmas concert.  
Bronze's Grade 3 Christmas Concert
December 16,2013 - Sister Annata Brockman
He did his own hairdo!
Charisma's Grade 1 Christmas Concert December 12, 2013
at Good Shepard Catholic Church.

Charisma and her bestie Megan

Ecstatic to meet up with more friends.

more besties

The Three Amigas!


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