Brains! Charisma's Zombie Themed Party

I have been looking forward for this party and it finally came.  My youngest my little girl Charisma is 7! Oh how time flies.   For her birthday this year we had a zombie theme party.  What does zombie loves the most?  Brains!  

Vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream frosting, a zombie's dream cake.

Zombie Birthday girl

I prefer the frontal lobe.  

Fudge brownies with semi - sweet chocolate glaze


Grandma Agnes' special coconut and
regular polvoron 

Cashew blondies with white chocolate glaze

Roast Beef

Zombie potaaatoes and Brains!

No they are not parole.

Special Thanks to Tita/Lola Beth for helping out.

Also specially to "Nang Elaine" for helping out with zombie make up and games!  BTW Elaine George A. Romero wants your number! 

Special Fx makeup by:  Elaine.


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