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Brains! Charisma's Zombie Themed Party

I have been looking forward for this party and it finally came.  My youngest my little girl Charisma is 7! Oh how time flies.   For her birthday this year we had a zombie theme party.  What does zombie loves the most?  Brains!  


Special Thanks to Tita/Lola Beth for helping out.

Also specially to "Nang Elaine" for helping out with zombie make up and games!  BTW Elaine George A. Romero wants your number! 

Finding Nemo Cupcakes

Parker's party at Chuck E. Cheese.

Witchee Poof!

Made these Wizard of Oz inspired cupcake for Charisma's classmates.  A treat for the whole class to enjoy on her Birthday.

Totoro Meets Minion

My brother Patrick had a surprise birthday party orchestrated by his fiancĂ© Kelly.  Great company and great food!  Even the kids had soo much fun dancing and running around the place.   For his birthday I made him 2 cakes to accomodate 50 plus friends and relatives.

Patrick's favourite Hayao Mayasaki anime character from the anime "My Neighbour Totoro".  Its a giant fluffy mystical thing that protects little kids.  Here is how I made it....

Its a minion themed party so there has to be a Minion cake.  This is how I made it...