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Heart Rose Cake

My American cousin introduced me to Red Velvet Cake.   We were enjoying a piece of cake and he said, "this cake is good not bad.  But the best cake I ever had is red velvet cake."  I asked him what is in it.  He told me, " I don't know but its hella good!"  So my red velvet cake journey begins.  What is soo great about this cake anyways.  I googled it.  I found tones of recipes.  My first attempt baking red velvet is a bust.  The cake is so tough not velvety at all.  Then I dug deeper.  Turns out its all about ingredient chemistry.   The unique velvety texture is achieved by using equal parts vinegar/ baking soda combo as a leavening agent and the acidic buttermilk.  Its always good to pre measure everything ahead of time.  You need to quickly fold in the vinegar/ baking soda mixture before it fizzes out (Joy of Baking).

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing


Mariza said…
you did it again Carousel! an artistically created yummy cake - thank you so much!
Rochelly said…
Thank you, Carousel! This was such a lovely cake I didn't want to cut it! By far, this is my favourite birthday cake. Very delish, too. By the way, red velvet is my favourite cake. How did you know? :)
Hi Rochelly! I'm glad you love the cake! Thank you for the compliment. Compliments to Tita Mariza she knows your fave cake flavour. She is awesome that way. :)
Mariza said…
with Rochelly's Mom's help to decide, of course, and her name is Rose! :-)

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