Parker's Mod Monkey Marble Cake

On Remembrance Day (2011)  we went to Parker's birthday party.  I made a Mod Monkey Marble Cake and some cake pops for his monkey themed birthday party.  It was too cold for a bouncy castle instead they brought in the Adventure Bus!  Charisma hung out in the bus the whole time but for some reason Bronze didn't want in there.   

Mable cake pops and mod monkey.

Parker with his Mommy and Daddy.

Inside the adventure bus.


Brea said…
Carousel, thank you for doing such an amazing job on Parker's cake and favours! The monkey was a huge hit...everyone was raving about it. And the cake pops were moist and delicious. Your creations really helped make Parker's first birthday party special. You are so talented!
Your kids are just so amazing! All cute.

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