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Crack egg in the cut-out and fry until its firm.

Eggs in Ameritte (French Toast) Basket

I never knew people eat eggs this way until I saw the movie "V for Vendetta".  The hero "V" served eggs in the basket for Natalie Portman's character Evey Hammond after saving her from the secret police.  I don't know the origin of eggie in the basket.  I assumed its British since "V for Vendetta" is set in London, England.  French toast known as "Ameritte" in France is of French origin.   Normally eggs in a basket is made with just plain buttered toast I changed it up and combined something French and something British together.  Canada's French and British history prompted me to make Eggie in ameritte Basket uniting two Canadian origin in one dish.  Thanks for viewing and please leave a comment.

Makes 4 toasts

For Ameritte:
2 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
4 texas toast
For Eggie in the Basket:
4 eggs
4 amerittes
maple leaf cookie cutter

To make ameritte custard beat together 2 eggs, sugar, cinnamon, and sugar in a bowl.  Dipped texas toast in the ameritte custard and fry in 1 tsp. oil until lightly browned.  Punch out with a maple leaf cookie cutter in the cooked ameritte.  Place the prepared ameritte in the hot pan and crack egg into the hole of the ameritte.  Cook on each side until eggs are firm.  Slather with unsalted butter and drizzle with Canadian Maple Syrup..  Enjoy and Happy Canada Day!


cisqo78 said…
You should have put ketchup on the maple leaf and to the side to add the final touch ;)

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